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Biology is a subject which fills me with wonder and awe but it was not until I started college to continue my studies that I was introduced to the vast complexity of our world. Realising intricate mechanisms are involved in what I had thought to be simple parts of life amazed me, inspiring me to want to learn as much as I could. David Attenborough made perfect sense saying "An understanding of the natural world and what's in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfilment." To be able to understand how the animal kingdom lies in a delicate balance and how we can utilise the earth's resources to produce crucial medicines is astounding to me.
My interest in Biology led me to research pandemics for my Extended Project, enabling me to discover how disease spreads and how this affects nations globally. This triggered an interest in medicines to see how they can be produced and how they can be made redundant, showing the need for research and discovery. Not only am I learning more about a fascinating subject, I am
also developing invaluable research skills and improving my independent learning.
Studying Maths at AS Level has advanced my analytical skills when considering the best solution to problems. AS Psychology has shown me how scientific data can be interpreted differently. My studies in A2 Law have improved my essay writing skills as well as revealing in part how science is used. A2 Chemistry is vital for linking knowledge with Biology and I enjoy being able to further understand Biology using Chemistry. My recent topic of respiration in Biology proved the intricacy of life as I learned of the many stages in this process alone. To me, life is filled with miracles, from how we produce energy to how our body communicates messages to function.
Throughout this summer, I worked for a marine wildlife-tour company on the Scottish Coast. I worked in the shop handling sales and bookings as well as with customers to prepare them for their tour leading me to enhance my interpersonal skills interacting with customers. Ensuring I was preparing customers on time made me realise the importance of time management. Furthermore, I learnt about a wide scope of animals including air, land and marine creatures. Going to Romania with the puppet team I have been a member of for two years was an experience I will cherish. We performed to different audiences and trained some of the children there.
Time with a different culture taught me how to behave with those from different backgrounds which is an important ability. Being part of the team includes learning many new skills which shows my hunger to learn. Commitment is a large part of being in the team, having to be ready to give up other plans to perform and I have shown this by volunteering when others are not available.
Completing the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh awards has taught me many transferable skills including working in a team, using my own initiative and problem solving which were essential on our expedition. Team work was paramount and needed in a number of situations.
For the last year, I have been a leader at a children's club, where I help out with all aspects of the club. By volunteering, I have improved my leadership and organisational skills as I have had to plan many activities.
The possibility to choose some of my modules is something I look forward to, as I will be able to specialise in areas that most interest me. Studying at university will be a privilege for the knowledge I will gain and the life that goes with it. My enthusiasm for learning makes me a hard worker who strives for the best. From my work in summer, interest in learning about animals has been ignited. I believe that behaviour and interaction between animals is
inspiring. Witnessing such marvels as eagles fishing, dolphins with their young, even the grace of a stag appearing over the mountaintop, is something that astonishes me, showing what Biology can give us.

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This personal statement was written by Megan_186 for application in 2011.

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University of Glasgow
The University of Hull
The University of Nottingham
The University of York
The University of Sheffield

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This is my personal statement I wrote for the following courses at the following universities:
York: Biology - Conditional Offer AAB
Sheffield: Biology with Conservation & Biodiversity (4 Years) Conditional Offer -AAA
Hull: Biomedical Sciences - Conditional Offer BBC
Glasgow: Zoology - Conditional Offer ABB
Nottingham: Zoology (4 years) - Conditional Offer AAB


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