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My choice of marine biology stms from a combination of interests, both academic and recreational. Biology has been one of my favourite subjects at school now for some years and studying geology has expanded my intrest further, showing links between how life on eatyh began nd how it evolved over time. geology has helped me to understand ow the oceans work, whilst biology has given me an understanding of how organisms function. These topics have been of particular interest to me. Whilst on holiday abroad i have been scuba diving on numerous occassions, have completed thefirst three modules of my open water certificate and find the underwater worl to be one that fascinates me

By combining my interests in biology and geology with my love of scuba diving i know i have found, in marine scienec, the subject i wat to study to a higher level

To furthe my education i plant to take advantage of a volnteer based scheme called Coral CAy Convservation next summer, whcih will involve three weeks in the bay islands of honduras collecting research data on the organisms that lie ona nd arund the reef there. Whilst in honduras i will gain my advanced open water certificate, learn al abou the corals and fish that live there and have a taste of what conservation work is about

My responsibilities as company secretary and IT deputy for our young enterprise company, Isis, have taught me the importance of good orgnisation and efficient record keeping to ensure the company runsefectivly and smoothly. having to fill in forms such as memorandums and articles of association also taught me the importance of teamwork. At school i have had several responsibilities including canteen duty and stair duty which involved organising the younger members of the school to help the canteen staff and avoid accidents on the stairs

Outsie school i enjoy trampolining andcurrently compete with the city of sheffield squad. i have also cmpeted for the school team. taking part in the duke of edinburgh award scheme was also something that has given e graet satisfaction. I have completed bronze and silver and am currently working towards the gol I also undertook the trident scheme which involves a work experience plcement, a persoanl challenge and community involvement

I have also undertaken work experience at Greoside primary school where i spent two weeks working with aY1 class and a Y2 class, helping with reading writing and number. i was also responsible for a group of three chioldren on a schoo, trip to Cusworth Hall. i enjoyed working with both the staff and children as it increased my interpersonal skills and helpe me gain in confidence. other jobs i have undertaken have been at a restaurant whre i worked as a waitress, and in a pharmacy where i helped tae in prescriptions and get them ready as well as workin on the shop floor serving customers and helping with ny queries customers may have had. Both these jobs involve a lot of work with people which i enjoyed.

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This is the fourth personal

This is the fourth personal statement i have read today and by far the worst it must be a joke.

well I thought It was great.

well I thought It was great.

I'm a foreign person and I'm

I'm a foreign person and I'm surprised somebody can write a reference so badly spelt.. whoever wrote it had to understand she was writing to a university not to a friend


I'm sorry, but it's so bad.
The spelling is awful and the slang is inappropriate.
There's no way someone can think this can actually be submitted.
Better luck next time bbz. :] x

learn to spell and make it

learn to spell and make it more intersting! 'i did this, i did that' add enthuasm!

Trampolining isn't a word.

Trampolining isn't a word.
Plus, is it the same "activity" I'm thinking of by jumping up and down or is it some British skydiving or something. I don't know how someone would possibly put that in a PS.

It does't relate to MB at all, and not that everything has to be related to your chosen course but come on!

This can't be serious. How

This can't be serious. How could anyone miss all those typos?

dont be stupid

There are spelling mistakes and bad grammar to stop lazy people cutting and pasting the statement. When it was sent it was faultless...........

too much spelling mistakes

too much spelling mistakes


Trampolining is in fact a word, and a highly recognised and respected sport in England. So before you go chipping in your little opinion; learn your facts. arse.

LOL thought this was my

LOL thought this was my writing for a minute xD

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