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Every decision I have made in the last four years has been fuelled by the one goal of pursuing my interest in Biology. I have always been a keen Biologist, wanting to know how insects move, why some trees drop their leaves every autumn and how my heart beats every second of the day. I have discovered some of the answers I desired, but I have many more questions and at University I will have the opportunity to discover the answers for myself through research and laboratory work. I have a real passion for studying Biology. I find it very interesting and the detail of the syllabus very stimulating. In my current studies there have been opportunities for independent research and undertaking my own experiments in the coursework section of the courses that I have taken. I take part in Biology related extra-curricular activities, such as Biology extension group which gives me a chance to study things which are not covered by the curriculum. There have been many interesting talks which have increased my breadth of knowledge and I have also had the chance to do some interesting practical sessions like dissecting a rat. I also assist at Biology Workshop to help the AS students in their work which gives me the opportunity to refresh my knowledge.
The subjects I am studying at college lend themselves well to a degree in Biology. By taking
Chemistry it has given me a greater understanding of biochemical processes and a chance to develop analytical skills. Environmental studies has helped me to understand the environmental impact that humans have upon the biological world. I studied Psychology at AS as I wished to understand the psychological impacts on the biological workings of humans and animals. I am in the top 10% for Biology in my year. I am a determined and hardworking person; I always strive to achieve my full potential. All of my subjects have involved independent study at college which means I will be prepared for the style of work that University will expect of me. I am a resourceful and resilient person and I am proud of the way I have developed as a student. My high attendance shows that I am a reliable and dedicated student. I am very outgoing and a friendly person, I love to meet new people and make friends. I also am a very trust worthy person and someone who helps if there is a problem. My hobbies include, music, I have learnt to play the piano, where I gained grade 2 and taught myself guitar. I am also a keen singer. I attend music festivals and concerts and enjoy socialising with my friends. I also like sport and enjoy watching rugby and run to keep fit. I am a Christian and whilst at college have attended the Alpha group and the Christian Union and have enjoyed being part of the Christian community at the college. Outside college I volunteered at a local church and helped in the youth group for a few years, which I found very rewarding. In my work experience I worked for two charities. At one charity I was a support worker for young people with learning difficulties, at the other I worked with people with mental illnesses. I learnt valuable communication skills as well as the importance of
confidentiality. Whilst at secondary school I participated in Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, where I developed my team work, map reading and leadership skills. I also obtained Junior Sports Leader Award which involved developing leadership qualities. I was a pupil mentor, where I learnt to listen to others and acquired vital problem solving skills. I enjoy studying Biology as it helps me to explain or formulate theories based on my studies that provide explanations to interesting questions. Biology not only provides interesting information but is also practical. In the future I would love the opportunity to develop my knowledge further and to research and specialise in fields that interest me. I look forward to the challenges that I will face at University.

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This personal statement was written by AmyLouise for application in 2012.

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University of Bath
The University of Birmingham
University of Bristol
The University of Reading
The University of Sheffield

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Biology at The University of Sheffield

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Not sure how good my personal statement was but I got offers from all my university choices so it must have been okay!


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what grades did you get at as

what grades did you get at as?

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