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When I was in primary school I would take pens apart to put them back together, so that I could see how every small piece fits together to create a whole working object, and as I furthered my education my focus shifted to the w orld around me. It fascinates me to learn that each organism, large or small, is made up of organs, which are made of tissues, made up of cells, which are in turn made of membranes and proteins and atoms. My studies of both Biology and Chemistry to A2 level, as well as several articles in the New Scientist magazine, have already helped to reveal so much about the fundamental working of living organisms but I know that there is much more to discover at degree level and perhaps in a research career after that. It is that knowledge that there is always something new to discover that keeps me motivated in all that I do.

My passion for Biology is supported by my other studies; Chemistry helps me visualize the compounds described in many biological reactions, while Maths has helped me to evaluate graphs and data as well as enabling me to approach problems in a more calculated and analytical way. Another subject that I am passionate about is French, it fascinates me to look at languages in a scientific way, as if they are living organisms; they all start off with a common ancestor, and over time they develop and evolve, branching off into completely separate categories with complex structures and cultural adaptations. Languages are also beneficial when learning biological terms, as they allow me to fully understand the words rather than just memorising definitions. The extra-curricular Latin which I study is particularly useful for this.

My involvement in the gifted and talented program at my school has enabled me to earn numerous certificates in ‘the maths challenge’ and my IQ of 160 places me in the top 1% of the population and qualifies me for Mensa membership. This program has also nurtured my ability to approach complex issues in a logical and analytical way, which has been useful during my work on the Extended Project Qualification, in which I am researching the genetic and environmental factors towards intelligence. This develops my skills of scientific writing and research in order to prepare me for literary reviews and research projects during the degree course.

My experiences in the gifted and talented program have encouraged me to maintain an active role within my school and local community, primarily volunteering at ‘Very Difficult club’, a club run by my school for the younger gifted and talented students to encourage and assist them in their personal and academic pursuits. I also provide 1-on-1 tuition to less able younger students in mathematics, allowing me to develop new teaching and learning techniques, which I can use not only to help others but also for myself. Earlier this year I was selected to be a Senior Prefect, which requires me to represent the school at a number of events, improving my self-confidence, independence and responsibility. Outside of school, I have been an active member of the Girl Guiding organisation for many years, through which I have volunteered at many community events and was even able to complete the Baden Powell Challenge Award, a scheme which assisted me in the development of my leadership, teamwork and communication skills, as well as personal development and organisation.

I hope that you will consider me for a place at your university, I sincerely believe that I would be well suited to this discipline, as I am a determined and focused student. When I think back to when I was a small child, taking apart pens and pulling apart daisies, it reminds me how far I have come, and it fills me with excitement to consider that in under a year I could be studying a degree in biological sciences, and on my way to becoming a scientific researcher.

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This personal statement was written by EmmaCowan for application in 2014.

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The University of Durham
University College London
University of Leeds
University of Exeter

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The courses that I applied for all had the option to study a language module as part of the course or for a year abroad.


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