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My parents have always emphasized the importance of protecting and valuing the nature around us, and as I grow older, I begin to understand and respect their decision more and more. Being outside always brings me a sense of happiness that no other activity can, and with frightening predictions about the future of our planet, protecting the environment is a cause that is very important to me, which is why I decided to dedicate myself natural sciences in my future.

I chose to study environmental sciences as well as biology in my secondary course work. In high school, sciences have always been my favourite classes, ever since freshman biology and sophomore chemistry. In my junior year I took AP Chemistry and AP Biology, both of which intensified my love for the sciences, especially those relating to the Earth and its conservation. In my senior year I am taking AP Calculus and AP Environmental Science alongside physics and humanities classes to broaden my perspective. My choice in Advanced Placement classes along with my past and future grades show that I am interested and equipped to pursue a career in the sciences.

Throughout my highschool career, I studied a spectrum of sciences including AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Calculus AB, and Physics. I am taking the latter three classes online and completing them consistently at the highest standard, which further demonstrates my motivation to self-regulate in these important studies without the help of a class cohort. My work, such as lab reports and test answers, are constantly being used as examples of excellence by my teachers. In May of 2019, there was an opportunity to attend an educational trip with the U.S. Embassy of Ljubljana, scientists from world-renowned universities and photographers from National Geographic to learn about invasive species in Slovenia. On this trip I actively engaged in discussions and learned from experts.

Recently, I joined the volunteer group Ekologi Brez Meja (Ecologists without borders), which is a nonprofit, volunteer organisation dedicated to protecting the environment and educating people about how their daily choices impact it. The group offers me a unique opportunity not only to be involved in a community of people that share my interests, but to showcase my leadership skills as well, helping gather information and organize events.

The leadership skills I learned going to different schools and engaging in various activities helped me become the student council president this year, and a senior Girl Scout leader. Outside of academics, I’ve also been playing volleyball for the past four years, both in school and in clubs. Volleyball serves as a way for me to immerse myself in another fully different community, meet new people, and I find physical exertion strengthens my studies. Aside from that, I volunteered as a tutor at Zveza Prijateljev Mladine (Association of Friends of Youth), where I tutored kids from lower-income families in English and Math. Being a part of this group not only taught me patience and leadership skills, it integrated me in the community.

In July of 2018 I interned at IJS (Institute Jozef Stefan at the University of Ljubljana), in the artificial intelligence department, where I learned and helped design code that analyses traffic data they have collected. My weeks at IJS proved to be a very educational and thought-provoking experience which opened my eyes to possibilities provided by working with artificial intelligence. The supervisors at the department found me to be “punctual, hardworking and bright”.

For me, the UK offers many opportunities, including the vast variety of choices. From conservation to innovation, studying abroad will expose me to more possibilities, connections, and exposure. I believe that I will be a part of the solution in the fight against climate change and other human-caused issues that cause damage to the natural world.

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