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There are some lucky people in this world who know exactly what they want to do from a very young age. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. In fact it took me a while to find what I was truly interested in. I’ve always thought I would study languages or art, because I enjoyed it and it came rather naturally to me. But was that truly where my passion lied? When I think back on past years in school, I remember that one particular semester we had been learning about mitosis and meiosis, genetics, and hereditary diseases in biology, and that was when I became instantly fascinated. I suddenly found myself studying for the sake of learning and out of interest, rather than just to get good grades, a feeling which I had almost completely forgotten after entering higher education. Biology sparked my hidden curiosity, the kind I used to have as a child, and it became a passion rather than just another subject. I started attending open-lectures at the LMU, Germany’s most prestigious university, on topics such as neuroscience, pharmacology, psychology, and physics out of sheer curiosity. Due to all this, I have rediscovered my love for all sciences and became certain about my future goals. With my newly found drive and enthusiasm, I aim to push myself further and challenge myself to explore biology, as well as all other sciences this subject involves, in depth.

By selecting the heavily scientific branch at school, I have already been introduced to a wide range of sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, psychology and even computer sciences on an academic level, all of which I had taken for more than a year. Additionally, I participated in the Oxford Scholastica Academy in the summer of 2016 where I studied psychology. This experience taught me how to evaluate data, create corresponding statistics and how to write final reports. It opened my eyes to the true extent of university life and has contributed immensely to my ambition to become a university student.
As a student, I take a practical and logical approach to understanding and learning, whilst keeping the bigger picture in mind. I enjoy finding solutions to problems, both on an academic as well as personal level. This helps me not only to understand biological concepts, but also to succeed in my courses. Another one of my strengths is public speaking, an ability which has always proven itself to be useful throughout my life. Through numerous presentations, speeches and participating in debates, I have grown to become a confident speaker and presenter which has benefited me greatly in many ways.

In my free time, I enjoy reading and writing and have been journaling for many years. Because of this, I joined the school newspaper team and was awarded the position as chief editor of our school’s newspaper. As mentioned above, I love art and visiting art galleries which has inspired me to create my own art. I am proud to say that one of my paintings was put on display in the teachers’ staff room last year.

Since I am an international student, I look forward to learning about and living in a new environment, as well as gaining independence. Due to my mixed nationalities, I am comfortable not only being in another country and culture, but also experiencing it. I chose the United Kingdom since I fell in love with the culture and lifestyle, but also because I am fluent in English. Apart from English, I also speak German, Czech and French which demonstrates my dedication to keep up the hard work, an essential key to success.

After my bachelor’s degree, I wish to continue studying cognitive neuroscience and even go on to earn a PhD. I aspire to contribute to research in this area and even conduct my own experiments and studies one day.

Because of my determination and ambition, I feel confident to turn the page and embrace this new chapter in my life and all the challenges it will bring with it. I am excited about what my future, in all aspects, may bring.

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I used this website to understand and in a sense get some "inspiration" for my personal statement because somehow I just couldn't find the words. However, whilst reading some of the statements I found on here I started to feel bad about myself. I haven't read 25 different books on biology, and I haven't won each biology science fair, nor have I wanted to study biology ever since I was a child. In fact I only found my interest in biology last year. So I was left wondering, How on earth can I compete with that? You might feel the same too however I gotta tell you: once you stop comparing yourself to others and just present the best version of yourself through the statement, the words will just flow onto the page. I decided to be upright and honest about where my interest was coming from and collected all the evidence to support it and admittedly, I was very pleased with the result.

Also in case you were wondering, I was accepted to the following programs:
Newcastle University, Biology
Newcastle University, Joint Honours Biology and Psychology
University of Manchester, Biology
University of Sheffield, Biology

I also applied to the University of Edinburgh, this was unsuccessful, as I did not realize that Chemistry was a requirement for Biology and there was no way for me to take a Chemistry class.

Anyways I hope this helps you a bit. You got this!


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