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Since as long ago as I can remember I have always been fascinated by the natural world. That childish fascination has not left me but deepened over the years. This interest has led me to my love of biology, ecology, animal behaviour and evolution.

Following my graduation from High School I studied Biological Sciences for two years at the Catholic University of Chile in Santiago. From March 1997 to November 1998 I was obliged to take a break from my studies at university as my father was moving from the city to a more remote rural area.

While helping my father I was able to work closely with birds of prey among others and I was successful in breeding the endangered chinchillas. During my time away from university I continued to deepen my knowledge of my subject and studied evolutionary thinking and the biological basis of behaviour.

I also worked for a brief time as a translator which made me think that perhaps my English was good enough o complete my studies in an English speaking country.

Since coming to Oxford and studying at OLT I have improved my written English a great deal. I am a member of The Natural History Museum (London) and recently attended a course called 'The History of Evolution'. The course was organised by Birkbeck College and took place at the Natural History museum in London each Wednesday.

The course has been fascinating and has served to confirm my suspicion that the more I learn of this subject the more I want to know.

I am hopeful that my previous studies in Santiago, my maturity and my experience in this field will allow me to enter the second year of an undergraduate programme in the UK. After completing my undergraduate it is my wish to continue studying at postgraduate level and ultimately conduct my own research in this area.

My other academic interests include, Paleoanthropology, and the history and development of science. I am most interested in the writings of Darwin and Thomas and Henry Huxley.

I am keen on fitness training, horse riding, trekking and diving. I am most interested in all outdoor pursuits. I am also keen to develop my newly found skills in classical singing and dance.

I realise that as a non-native student I will be required to work harder than my contemporaries and I am prepared to do that. I have a cheerful and open-minded disposition and look forward to sharing and exploring new ideas.

I hope may application will be considered favourably.

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Your statement appears to be

Your statement appears to be rather descriptive and doesn't appear to ooze enthusiasm as much as some others.

brilliant ps one of the best

brilliant ps one of the best I have ever seen in my entire life

I think the description of

I think the description of your actions; breeding endangered birds, studying that's not for an exam etc. 'oozes' enthusiasm enough, at any rate it sounds genuine.


sounds .. genuine n fantstic :)

Really good. However maybe

Really good. However maybe you started too many sentences with 'I', if you varied this it would be perfect!


i have never took biology but looks pretty good!



you need to talk more about

you need to talk more about the specifics of the course and why they interest you



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