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Through studying A-level Applied Science my interest in science has deeply increased, recently I was under pressure to choose a course to study at university but I knew I wanted to do something in the scientific field particularly along the lines of biology and chemistry. Whilst researching various courses I came across genetics of which was of great interest to me, finding out that the course included aspects such as cell mutation, the studying of chromosomes, and the behaviour of micro-organisms sparked my interest in the course and I knew that it would be a job that I would thoroughly enjoy. Recently I had submitted a portfolio which contained a detailed section on micro-organisms which will serve me well if accepted into genetics. Also I have completed a Restorative Practice course of which I received an intermediate level 2. This course involved me looking at the issue of conflict, assessing both sides of an argument, defining the real problem and discussing and negotiating a solution. This allows the candidates to end their dispute peacefully and often in a 'win-win' situation. This gave me a good insight into how to handle conflict which will serve me well especially when working in a team. I have also received a Heartstart UK certificate for first aid, which can come in very handy especially if working in a lab where safety is of the utmost importance. In my spare time I enjoy working on my computer on things such as improving security, performance and the visual aspects of my PC. When I can I like socialising with friends in a wide range of activities such as camping, nights out and concerts. Working as a waiter has helped me build skills such as working under pressure, working in a team and also working as an individual. It has also helped me build confidence to meet new people as I constantly interacted with new people every day. Currently I am involved with the schools Trócaire society which involves me taking part in charity events such as sponsored walks, cake sales and other more informal events such as sumo wrestling and leg waxing. Being involved in these activities has been great fun and because it has been for charity it has been very fulfilling. I am also a member of the St Vincent De Paul society which requires me to do similar charitable activities. I am also a member of the European Multilateral Comenius Project of which only a few selected schools from around the world are allowed to participate in, this project allows me to meet people from many other countries around the world and soon I will be able travel to Barcelona to present a scientific report to the other participating schools. Through my Applied Science A-Level Step-Up Science program I have the opportunity to attend university one day a week. I have gained great experience of what university life is all about and have come to understand what is expected of me. I have attended lectures and have presented presentations in university which has helped me build the confidence and skills required for university. I attended a Science summer school at a university during the summer. During this time I was given a project to work on alongside post graduate students. I was given 5 samples of meat and was asked to find out which one was the cause of a food poisoning outbreak. To find this out I carried out a range of scientific techniques including gram stains, streaking plates and serial dilutions. In completion of my task I figured out that it was a sample of mince that caused the illness due to a large amount of bacterial growth found on the Petri dishes and a gram stain test confirmed that the bacteria was in fact salmonella. This task was quite enjoyable and gave me a good insight into the aspect of microbiology and was a key influence into why I want to do genetics. Due to this experience at university I hope that I can soon return to that lifestyle especially to practice similar work.

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Genetics at The University of Aberdeen


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