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I have chosen to study biochemistry or pharmacy at university because I have enjoyed studying biology and chemistry at college at A-level, and I am keen to proceed with them to a more advanced level. I think doing either of these is the most suitable option. I want to study biochemistry because I like the topics included in it. The study of living things at a molecular level deeply intrigues and appeals to me

I am also interested in studying pharmacy because it is a very challenging and fascinating course. Learning A-level biology and chemistry have furthered my scientific understanding and interest

I am a very dedicated learner and I have the ability to listen diligently to people as well as understand them. I am a multi-talented sportsman and am part of various teams, outside of college, such as the local football and cricket teams. Badminton is something that I enjoy a lot because it is active and a sport in which I excel. I speak five languages and am therefore multi-lingual. The languages that are known to me are English, Urdu, Hindi, Gujarat and Malawian (chichewa)

I have had the experience of living in three different nations, such as Malawi and India. During my stay in these countries, I have made many friends, adapted to the environment and have learned to abide the laws of society

I have had the privilege of working in a pharmacy for a fortnight where I interacted with various staff and helped both, the staff and customers on a regular basis. This experience was very grand and helpful because not only did it improve my learning and understanding of the pharmacy business but also increased and improved my ability to co-operate and communicate effectively. I would relish the chance of gaining further experience at a pharmacy or better still, at a hospital, next summer

I am certain that my chosen courses are right for me because not only is it something that inspired me form a very early age but it is something that I have relevant experience in. also I enjoy sciences at college, and would like to carry these on at Uni. I enjoy the challenge, which is provided by university, and I am confident that it will give me the best chance to prove myself and to achieve my potential.

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This is thorough and very well written


It's really not all that -

its alright, but its not the

its alright, but its not the best that i've seen.

Where did you get offers?

Where did you get offers?

Where did you get offers? Also which course did you end up choosing?


This is one of the worst personal statements I have ever seen. Really badly written, not much thought put into it, I bet they got no offers. Hopeless. Just sign up for benefits straight away.

i think tht personal

i think tht personal statement was really gd thnk u

Yeah, I got some ideas here

Yeah, I got some ideas here on what to include on my statement, but really I would not choose someone just because the person thinks he likes the subject, I believe the arguments are a too weak...

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