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Ever since I was very young, I have been fascinated by and have had a keen interest in many aspects of Biology. The areas of Biology in which I am particularly interested are living organisms, the environment and human Biology. Since I was about three years old, I have found wildlife documentaries very interesting, particularly documentaries featuring David Attenborough and my interests in living organisms and the environment have grown over the years from watching these documentaries. Studying Biology at A-Level has both broadened and increased my interest and knowledge within the subject. Therefore, I would like to study it at degree level, as it will expand both my knowledge and interest in Biology.

During the Sixth Form I have been on two residential field courses, in Biology and Geography. In Biology, the field course took place on the Isle of Arran in Scotland, while in Geography, it took place in Dorset. On both of these field trips, I learnt a wide range of skills and techniques that are important to use while collecting and analysing any data that is collected in the field. The collection of data involved teamwork. I know that I will enjoy the field courses available on a Biology course because I have found doing work out in the field in the past very exciting, challenging and rewarding. While in year 11, I went on a day trip for students who were gifted and talented in Science to Bradford University. The trip focused on Forensic Science (The course was called 'The Secret Formula') and I needed to use a range of laboratory skills in order to solve an imaginary crime. Therefore, I learnt a range of laboratory skills while on the trip. Studying A-Level Biology has also enhanced my laboratory skills.

Throughout my time in the Sixth Form I have been involved in a variety of other extra-curricular activities. During December last year, I did filming (camera work) for a Christmas Carol Service at St Georges Church. It involved working fast, working under pressure, teamwork and using effective communication skills. In June this year I did a day's voluntary work at a local primary school. It involved teaching small groups of children how to paint and draw. It was a very rewarding experience and it provided me with skills in problem solving, communicating and working in groups. In addition to this, I did a short two hour art teaching session with primary school children who visited my school.

Out of school I have a wide variety of hobbies and interests. I enjoy and do quite a lot of travelling. I have visited Florida, Malta, Cyprus, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Gran Canaria,Menorca, Majorca, Israel, Greece, Corfu, Zakynthos, Rhodes and France. I am also going to Morocco later this year and will be visiting Marrakech and the Atlas mountains. While I was in Cyprus this summer, I went scuba diving. I found it an exciting and fantastic experience. My other hobbies include snorkelling, swimming, reading, drawing and painting.

I am a very hard working, committed and conscientious student and I look forward to the independence and the opportunities that will be available to me as an undergraduate.

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a work of art

a work of art

places you have visited

have you really visited all those places or are you just lying!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very impressive and a great

Very impressive and a great help to me


hay might wow yur personal statement was super honest to GOD it helped me alot, i cant find the words to say you thanx but thank you very much.

very well structured and

very well structured and concise. I love it. (you should also consider summerizing your goals, and reiterating your preparedness and confidence that the program is right for you as part of your conclusion but remember not to be cocky!)

thanks i hope to study

thanks i hope to study bilopgy at degree level and your statement really helped me to form a concise structure thanks!

The GOD of statements.

The GOD of statements.
I bet you studuied english

yea! your presenation for

yea! your presenation for this statement is outstanding and it really helped me.. thanks

i would not let this person

i would not let this person into university because based on all places they have visited it would a wonder if they would stay in university long enough to learn anything for being on some beach in the mediteranian

Although the statement got

Although the statement got the person into all these unis, I don't think it's that good. What's the connection of the subject with all those places that you have visited? Furthermore, everyone's seen david attenborough's documentaries, so it's not really that special. Just my opinion.

i'm sorry but listing all the

i'm sorry but listing all the places that you've been to is not going to help you get into a BIOLOGY degree... i'm surprised you even got into your chosen uni's with this personal statement


lovely piece of art,like a nakamura free kick sailing into the net.

"Don't know much geography..."

You've visited "Greece, Zakynthos, Corfu and Rhodes" !? It's quite surprising then that you don't know that Zakynthos, Corfu and Rhodes are places IN Greece. Tsk, tsk...


interesting, but no need to write every place you have visited it is just waffling. just a list a few countries as examples and that should be better.

thanks.helped a lot.its so

thanks.helped a lot.its so concise...thats mainly what i was having a problem with!!!

overall a decent statement, i

overall a decent statement, i believe the travelling is important although the list of places might not be. if she gained life experience from these travels it may be relevant but anyone can tag along with their parents every year to exotic destinations. these are the things you should really consider when u add a piece of information to your statement. imagine the university admissions person saying 'so what...??' and then justify why u have included it


you should also know than Gran Canaria,Menorca and Majorca are all part of spain.... lmaoooo

certainly you are not so passionate about geography!

used word interest or

used word interest or interested too much in first para

this is a good statement,but

this is a good statement,but you let it drag on and you started to sound boring at the end, keep it linked to your topic,dont keep changing subjects. why did you mention you did film studies it has nothing to do with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We failed biology its a JOKE

We failed biology its a JOKE hahahahahahahaah

I'm sorry but I got so bored

I'm sorry but I got so bored that i almost killed myself.

best personal statement ever

it made my day as i was so bored to hell...!!!!
all those commentators i salute you all!!!!!!

"Studying Biology at A-Level

"Studying Biology at A-Level has both broadened and increased my interest and knowledge within the subject. Therefore, I would like to study it at degree level, as it will expand both my knowledge and interest in Biology."

You've written a very similar thing twice, that's one thing I got picked on via my tutor.


David Attenborough documentaries are boring to most people nowadays so its highly unlikely a 3 year old will enjoy them over watching thomas the tank and come on thomas is a boss :)

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