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I have always been interested in Forensic Science and Biological Science and learning how different techniques and methods are used for solving crimes. In particular how the principles of bioinformatics are used in detection and identification of microbes; how it is used in Forensic Science for detecting biocrime attacks and how to identify and examine skeletal remains of victims after long period of time.

I have found learning about Genetic fingerprinting and how it is used for identifying a suspect and solving paternity cases particularly relevant because it is applicable to real situations. I am studying a BTEC National Diploma in Forensic Science. I have a naturally inquisitive mind and like to acquire new knowledge, especially in Forensic Entomology, Forensic Toxicology and Criminal Law.

I also enjoy the laboratory work which consists of using laboratory techniques such as fractional distillation, gas, liquid and thin-layer chromatography. From the practical part of the course I have gained many analytical and problem solving skills and my great interest is analysing qualitative and quantitative data. During my course I have advanced on some very broad set of skills, including numeracy, teamwork, time management, making oral presentations, planning and organising my work. In my personal opinion teamwork underpins laboratory work.

I gained work experience in August 2007. I went for a holiday to Sri Lanka and I did volunteering work at the Coconut Research Institute. This is a huge scientific research institute where they experiment with the growth and cultivation of coconut palms. This provided me with the opportunity to observe and work shadow. Visiting the Institute was very informative as it gave me an insight in to how scientists work in a scientific laboratory. This made it possible for me to use some advanced laboratory equipments.

I had a part time job at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. I have gained experience in assisting a Marine Biologist to test and clean the waters of the aquarium tanks. One of my duties was to look after children between 1-5 years old in the children's play area. This experience allowed me to develop my communication and observational skills which are very vital for the role as a Forensic Scientist. I will be needed to give evidence in court individually as well as working in a team.

My main interest is reading factual books. I particularly enjoyed: Microbial Forensics by Roger G. Breeze, Forensic and Criminal Psychology by Dennis Howitt and Fundamentals of Forensic Science by Academic Press. From reading books such as Microbial Forensics I have understood and learned valuable information on how Forensic Science is used for solving bioterrorism and biocrime attacks. I also read science magazines and journals like the Biological Science Review magazine and New Scientist Magazine.

I undertook extra curriculum activity which enabled me to achieve an award for the best effort in fundraising with an organisation called Hart in Birmingham. I helped them raise money for the Tsunami victims in Sri Lanka. I'm also helping the Marine Conservation Society by adopting a green turtle.

Previously in my school I achieved a first aid certificate from the Red Cross in Birmingham along with a certificate from Dr. Patricia Houlston for getting involved in a lecture about experiencing the inner city life of a GP in Birmingham. This lecture was very useful because I learnt how professionals work and communicate in a clinical working environment. I was also involved in a role - play by pretending to be GP and communicating with a patient and doing this enhanced my communication skills. I'm a forward thinking and determined person. I plan to obtain high level degree in order to continue to an MSc degree.

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This personal statement was written by zpathima2 for application in 2008.

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I think i have done well in my personal statement. I got offers from - Queen Mary, University of Kent, University of Portsmouth and The Robert Gordon University.


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This seems good

I read the New Scientist once and found it was rather disapointing

You don't want to come of as too cocky though- not saying you are but you might want to add something like I was fortunate enough to etc... you know improve the tone

I think this is a good

I think this is a good example,although slightly over-cumbersome.padding is less wanted from science tutors.I hope you do well though,you seem very keen.

not sure

this statement is too boring to read i don't mean it in bad way but i want un attension graping personal statement soo please help me

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