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The natural world has always fascinated me and the importance of understanding it has never been more important than it is today.

With so many environmental tipping points approaching and many contentious issues surrounding the environment there can seem to be little prospect of a fulfilling career in conservation; however I strongly feel that science has the potential to produce a sustainable planet if people are educated to understand its value.

Biology has always been my favourite subject throughout my academic life, I particularly enjoy learning about evolution after reading books like “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins, it’s incredible how a process can be so simplistic and logical but also so intricate and complex.

Ecology is another aspect of Biology that fascinates me, from growing up watching David Attenborough show the unique behaviours of different organisms, I have found it very satisfying to gain a real understanding of how different species interact with their environment and each other.

The IUCN Red list estimates that nearly 18,000 out of 52,000 (35%) species assessed so far are threatened with extinction with nearly all the driving causes leading back to human interference, whether it is through climate change, habitat loss or the introduction of invasive species.

It is my belief that people can be educated to understand the value biodiversity, if not in terms of its beauty and uniqueness at least in terms of the vital ecological services it provides on a worldwide scale through pollination, soil fertilization, carbon dioxide processing and the pharmaceutical properties of many plants many of which we have yet to discover.

Apart from Biology I am also studying Chemistry and Maths at A2 level. Chemistry and Biology are fundamentally interlinked and being able to understand the mechanics of DNA structure and how the different elements interact is essential in further study of Biology and I feel will put me in good stead.

Studying Maths has been very complimentary to my undertaking of both Biology and Chemistry; it is my understanding that at undergraduate level a good understanding of numbers and statistics is a vital and often an overlooked trait as well as being a fundamental part of the scientific method when trying to show the significance of data.

I also enjoy Maths in a more general way; I enjoy the challenge of a difficult problem and the satisfaction it provides when you manage to work it out correctly.

At AS level I studied Philosophy and Ethics, this taught me look at things objectively and not to readily take things at face value which is especially important when using scientific research. The ethics side of this course really interested me.

Often people have to make hard choices and so much in science can have unforeseen effects and as a result the ethical implications of scientific research are regularly under scrutiny and it is therefore important to be able to understand and relate to issues.

Outside of school I play rugby for my local rugby team, which I have for a number of years now. Being part of this team you have to show commitment and turn up to every session organised or subsequently not be selected. Hard work and determination are just as important, as merely being present is not enough.

If you don’t show the right attitude and willingness to take part you may as well not be there, also the ability to work well with fellow team mates is integral to Rugby as it is a team sport and you won’t get anywhere by yourself.

I also have a part time job at a restaurant, which allows me to earn money independently for the first time, rather than look to my parents for monetary support. Having had this independence I feel confident that I can be successful at University and look forward to being able to have the opportunity to experience everything it has to offer.

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With this I got 5 offers from Sussex, Exeter, Bath, Bristol and Cardiff


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