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Experiencing first-hand life as a human in the natural world, I have the authority to confirm that regardless of previous knowledge, unexplained phenomena still exist. As a scientist, I adore observing the unknown, analysing the known and making decisions accordingly. These qualities have developed over the years and led me to achieve 100% in my Physical and Human Geography AS exam to prove my academic capabilities.

I believe I am a conscientious, dedicated student with 3 well-related A2 subjects. I have indeed found that Biology allows my studies in Geography to deepen. I have used symptomatology for example to investigate the impact of HIV on different age groups and thus the impact on a nation’s dependency ratios. Maths has also been extremely useful in statistical analysis of data in both subjects.

In addition to finding the curriculum fascinating, I enjoy reading around my subjects and keeping up to date with relevant current events. A subscription to Biological Sciences Review also helped me to understand how what I was studying in Biology was applied to the real world. An article on stem cell research I found was interesting both scientifically and ethically.

Reading a variety of articles and journals has also allowed me to recognise bias and utilise texts appropriately. I find documentaries are often also a great way to learn about other research projects, such as a show on Dick Gill’s research into the fall of the Mayan Civilisation.

To prove they were wiped out by drought, he used techniques such as ice core analyses and reading archives to find evidence of unusual weather patterns. The level of detail in the documentary allowed me to critique his theory and research – my enjoyment in doing so has helped confirm my desire to pursue my studies in natural and human sciences.

I am always excited when I can use my knowledge practically and in 2012 I took part in an archaeological dig in Sussex. I developed my analytical skills with a hands-on approach; deducing that the site had once been a waste pit for Roman feasts owing to the large volumes of animal bones and Roman pottery found.

Finally, I have been on several trips to see natural processes that I had been studying, giving me experience in recognising where theory applies in reality and being able to analyse circumstances with confidence.

Beyond education I take an active role in my community, having spent 3 years volunteering with Beaver Scouts and Brownie Guides at my local church. Having to regularly assert authority with children has made me a more confident person and eased situations where I have needed to present information and opinions to an audience.

I also lead an active lifestyle which has necessitated effective time management skills, taking part in badminton, figure skating and cycling on a regular basis. I would ideally pursue this at university.

Finally, volunteering regularly at Cancer Research where I am often required to handle fragile stock and decide prices on items for sale has proven my responsible attitude.

I achieved A grades in all modules for my AS Biology, Geography and Maths. All three subjects are a source of fascination for me – the logic of Maths, the harmony of Biology and the trends and unpredictable anomalies of Geography.

I can’t think of a better way to spend the next few years of my life than studying all three of these subjects together in a degree that almost seems tailored to my passions.

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This personal statement was written by maryjtzr for application in 2014.

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Natural Sciences at Lancaster University

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Didn't get into King's for reasons related to not reading the entry requirements properly (they needed chemistry which I didn't do)! However this personal statement got me an unconditional offer (even though I applied before the end of my A2s) at Lancaster which I firmly accepted


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