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Natural Sciences I have chosen to study Natural Sciences because of a constant curiosity with the workings of the world around me. By doing Natural Sciences I hope to build on my existing knowledge by studying a stimulating and inspiring subject in much greater detail. I have developed my interest in science, in particular Chemistry by undertaking scientific extra-curricular activities since joining secondary school as well as participating thoroughly in lessons. I particularly enjoyed making soap and esters in Chemistry and problem solving using a pendulum in physics

In 2000, I did some work experience at Unilever, where I analysed samples of dyed pig skin. I enjoyed this work experience as it allowed me to see a working lab in action, as well as developing communication and teamwork skills. In order to get more knowledge and understanding of the chemical industry, I organised some work experience myself at Shell in summer 2001, where I tested Ferrari oils for traces of different metals. Both these work experience placements increased my motivation to learn more about how scientific knowledge is applied in the real world

I continued my work at Shell in summer 2002, where I investigated two different methods of measuring biochemical oxygen demand. This project was part of a 4 week Nuffield Bursary, which meant I had to write a report and do a presentation to both Shell and the Nuffield foundation. I immensely enjoyed this project as I was allowed to expand it in the way that I wanted. I also worked independently and showed self-motivation in being responsible for the development of the project from start to finish. I gained a gold crest award for this project

In 2000-2001 I gained a silver crest award for a Zeneca life science project on Chemiluminescence. This involved working in a team of 3 people for 1 1/2 years on the project, developing it from the initial idea to the end results and conclusions. I liked this project as it enabled us to advance our project independently and take responsibility for it. Our team got to the regional finals of a competition with this project. I also gained bronze crest awards in 98 and 99 for a project on the bioremediation of oil, which was linked with Shell, and an able pupils science and technology course, which focused on renewable energy resources. I am now assisting other younger pupils in the school science club in completing a Zeneca project. I also represented my school at a young analysts competition with 3 other pupils

Out of school, I have been a member of the Guiding Association since age 7. I work as a young leader, helping to run a guide unit, and I have also gained a camp permit which means I am considered responsible enough to take a small group of girls camping without an adult. I have also shown myself to be reliable and committed to the all-round development of girls and young women. In addition, I am a Ranger within the Guiding Association, where I am working towards a leadership qualification. As a Ranger and young leader I was selected to represent the UK along with 7 other girls at an international camp in Switzerland in summer 2001. I was similarly selected to go to a World camp for guides in 1999. I immensely enjoyed these two experiences as they enabled me to meet new people from all over the world and develop teamwork and communication skills. I was also able to learn about different cultures, faiths and languages while on these 2 trips.

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