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At age fourteen, the loss of my father certainly changed my demeanor on life. I thought college was an opportunity that I would not be able to pursue. My mother's coping with the loss of her high school sweetheart took her away from her time with her kids. Without the support, I became more relaxed about my schooling. I did not put the effort into my education that I was capable of, which was the biggest mistake of my life.

I matured quickly going through life experiences that most kids did not have to at such a young age. I learned that you need to take charge of your life and not let your past hold you back. That I would be able to achieve anything I put my mind to.

Early in life I discovered that science was my passion as it was my only escape in school. It was a subject I would always look forward to because it kept my mind off of everything else. Once I had my daughter I wanted to demonstrate to her the importance of an education. I also wanted to give her the best life I could give. To start, I wanted to earn a degree.

I began putting a lot of thought into what I wanted to do for a career. I did not want to change careers more than once as I was aware most students do. I wanted to be sure of my decision. I grew a passion for marine biology. I wrote research papers simply for the fun of it. I started taking online classes through resources such as Khan Academy and Edx. It was not only exciting getting familiar with what I had a passion for like the physics and anatomy of the living, but also it felt so good to be learning again! I realized how much I loved learning. I knew I was capable of greatness. Now my next step as I strive to prepare myself for the notable and intimidating college is to earn a degree. In my search for a college I found UW Oshkosh.

UW Oshkosh is a great fit for me because it has many interesting and award-winning faculty members. Which gets me excited to meet my future professors! UW Oshkosh has more Board of Regents Teaching Excellence Awards than any other UW institution, so I know I will receive an exceptional education. Not to mention you have the College of Letters and Science which will help me with my academic status and prepare me for the challenges that I will face in my future career. I appreciate the student to professor ratio of 18:1 which is amazing! The professors can take more time with each student and won't be so overwhelmed. I like that you offer free academic resources for students, like tutoring, the writing center, and a math lab, as well as free services from your counseling center. There are many qualities that I see in UW Oshkosh that really pertain to me and my needs that will help me excel during my education. There is a lot that I have learned from the accomplishments that I have already made.

I have taken a lot of time to benefit the community around me by volunteering more than 100 hours to Bethesda Thrift store, the food pantry, local community events, working with mentally challenged children and adults, even playing music for the elderly at nursing homes; all while remaining as an exemplary employee. I learned a lot through the volunteering opportunities in which I was a part of such as what it means to help others in need.

I learned that everyone has their own story as to how they came to be where they are. It is essential to respect, appreciate and take time to understand each story. You learn that simple actions have a big impact. Even little things like recycling can better the environment one bottle at a time. Donating clothes or food can keep an individual warm throughout the cold Winters and feed them for a day, week, or even a month. Volunteering brings a profound appreciation for all that you have in life and teaches you to never take anything for granted. I learned that people are not powerless. We actually have a great deal of potential regardless of what zip code we were born in, economical status, race, family life, sexual orientation, or employment status that we have. Which brings me back to the thought of accomplishing great things in life. I have very high expectations for myself and I will achieve those expectations.

I would be a great fit for your university because I am passionate, driven and disciplined. I am so excited to move a step closer to my career aspirations and for all of the challenges that it entails. So bring on the countless hours of studying and headaches because I am ready for it all. Thank you so much for your time.

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I graduated about three years and want to get a degree in Biology as it is my passion. I have thought long and hard into what I want to do and Biology is definitely it. This statement explains a little of why it is my passion and what I have been doing since out of high school and also what I have learned from the things I have done.


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