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I have always had an interest in science-based subjects, especially those relating to biology. Whilst undertaking my A-level Biology course, the module energy and ecosystems was of particular interest to me. My interest in the natural world, and study of science encouraged me to further my understanding in this area by applying to study environmental biology at degree level.

I wish to take this course to enable me to develop scientific skills that will provide me with a greater understanding of the environment and factors that affect it. I am also studying Chemistry and Maths at A-level.

The practical element of my chemistry course involves an understanding of procedures and precautions necessary throughout all science-based experiments; I feel that this understanding will improve my ability in practical elements of the course. After studying A-level maths, I feel being able to interpret numerical data at a high level will also enable me to develop my understanding of any numerical information that features in the course.

I am keen on sports and outdoor pursuits. I have enjoyed a range of activities from countryside walks to kayaking and abseiling. Because of this I feel I would particularly enjoy the fieldwork the course offers. I have been able to combine this interest in sport with a part time job as a leisure attendant at local sport centres.

As part of this post I was asked to lead a youth sports and activities group which aims to promote sport among young people in my area.

This activity has also allowed me to introduce other young people to activities that I have enjoyed. This role has also helped me to develop skills that would help me while I am at university.

The sports group involves arranging individual sessions as well as trips out. This has improved my organisational skills, which has reflected my ability to combine part-time work with college effectively. Working as part of a team and serving members of the public has also improved my social skills, making me more confident when working with others.

I wish to study at university, not only for the knowledge that I will gain from the course, but also for the experience of university life has to offer.

During my two years at college I have participated in various activities. For example, I represented the college at an open day, volunteered as a collage council representative for my form group, participated in a blood donation scheme and was also involved in the shoebox appeal.

These activities meant that I have to be confident, approachable and polite. I feel these are characteristics that will enable me to get involved with student life at university. My ambition is to participate in conservation work abroad, before gaining experience in a career based in this area.

I feel the experience outlined above and the knowledge I will gain from the course will enable me to achieve this ambition.

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Overall i would say it's very

Overall i would say it's very good, but you could have written more about the why you've chosen the course, rather than extra-curricular things.

Too many sentences with "I"

Too many sentences with "I" at the beginning. Makes it boring to read. You say "understanding" too much in the frist para. Tighten up your language, find some synonyms.

Many I's i agree --- just

Many I's i agree --- just needs some subtle editing

great head start

i dont know what to say but thanx to your great has given a head start of how it should be. thanx again

Good Stuff

Quite good overall but isn't it a bit too short for a personal statement?

Geard Rooney, 2t8 ftw UTH

Cheers lad , u got msn to send me this cbf to copy and paste


why the hell is noone else picking up on this, 3/4 of the personal statements on this website are all copying each other, we're all told that you will get rejected from all unis if you copy other people yet on the website thats meant to help you 75% of them are all copying each other its rediculous, these statements are all 'super' because its the collectives of hundreds of people copying each others stuff and not even changing it at all in most cases. if you cant even be bothered to write your own personal statement then you shouldnt even be going to university you should be working in McDonalds. honestly...!



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whoever 'sum1' is, that

whoever 'sum1' is, that comment is amazing ha!!

i now am applying for biology

thk u m8 dis shizzle will get me into me top uni init lol just copy paste n wait 4 oxford and that other gd 1s uncondish offer to roll in

Er, I work at McDonald's AND

Er, I work at McDonald's AND I'm applying to university, without copying any of the statements on here, might I add. Shut up mate.

actually its funny and gave

actually its funny and gave my a start to write my statement, thanks u a lot.....

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