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My ambition is to become a surgeon. From a young age I have been fascinated by the human body, especially the ever beating heart that begins life from as early as 3 months after conception and does not stop beating till the last breath.

I am Asian and feel that Asian females are underrepresented in areas such as this; and I would like to make a difference.

I believe passionately in the NHS and that every individual should be treated equally and should be provided with a service that is not means-tested. Patients and their needs should come first.

I am a keen and conscientious student, punctual and very reliable. I enjoy working as part of a team as well as independently and also have a good sense of humour.
For this year's research project I have chosen heart disease and will be carrying out primary research in Bangladesh over the Christmas holiday.

I have gained valuable experience by looking after people who are severely ill in my family. I have been able to deal with the problems that have arisen at home and have successfully completed the first year of my course under immense pressure; having been able to develop patience under all the stress, has given me an important quality for the field that I want to enter.

My communications course helped to develop my professional skills and also prepare me for work experience placements with the elderly in a daycentre, with diverse clients at the colleges sports centre and with children. I gained valuable insights into a range of clients and contexts, as well as the skills required to meet their very different needs.

I have arranged a placement for myself at the Leeds general infirmary in the cardiology ward, which I am really looking forward to; I hope it will give me a further insight into what the medical profession is like.

Although I am familiar with English Makaton because of my brother who has Downs Syndrome I am determined to improve my sign language skills.

I am bi-lingual so when communicating with health professionals and other people my mum has contact with because of her heart disease and renal failure, I have to switch between English and Bengali to get the messages across, because my mum cannot speak English herself. I also know Hindi and Urdu.

In my spare time, I either read books by my favourite author Laurell K. Hamilton who I think is a specialist in the genre of horror, or reading up on the "New Scientist" magazine or just surfing the net. The website I tend to go to most of the time is 'How stuff works', especially the science and health categories.

I think it has very useful information and would recommend the website to anyone who is interested in how things work.

I will work passionately to achieve my life's main goal and become a surgeon; I would be thrilled if this application gave me the opportunity to start.

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This personal statement was written by Ultraviolet for application in 2008.

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It really helps when you see examples of other peoples personal statements, I hope this helps.. :D


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Akhil Rawal

What has your interest in horror novels, languages and your ethnicity got to do with applying for a medical course?! Surely you didn't get into a decent uni, with a personal statement like that?

i know it must be tough with

i know it must be tough with your family but talking too much about them will just generate sympathy, and sympathy won't get you a university place

Why does she feel the need to

Why does she feel the need to say what her ethnicity is? It's just useless information

Why does she feel the need to

Why does she feel the need to say what her ethnicity is? It's just useless information

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