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I have always been interested in Biology and Chemistry. I find them stimulating and challenging subjects, and over the years of studying them both, my interest in them has increased. This is why studying biomedical sciences at university is an ideal choice for me

This year, whilst studying for my AS level subjects, I attended a Biology Conference at Westminster Centre Hall to increase my understanding of today's biological world. There were a variety of speakers; I was particularly fascinated by Professor Lord Robert Winston's lecture on infertility and IVF, the concepts of it, and the morality behind reproductive manipulation, which also discussed how acceptable it is to interfere with human reproduction just because the technology to do so exists. Another lecture I found captivating was by Professor Gordon McVie, on cancer cells, which illustrated what happens to cells to cause them to develop into tumours. I enhanced my knowledge about these subjects from the magazine 'Biological Sciences', which includes articles from various professors and doctors. Over the past year this magazine has stimulated my interest in biology and medicine. By reading it I have increased my understanding of the influence of today's biotechnology and the ethical problems resulting from it, which has lead me to believe that bioethics plays a significant role in the developments in medicine. This understanding of the concepts has allowed me to question the right and wrong of some of the issues, and how the law fits in. Another feature I have found intriguing is the conservation of biodiversity, which does not just include biological factors but also cultural, social and economic ones

Over the summer 2004, I completed work experience within a GP's surgery, where I was able to sit in on doctor- patient sessions, where permissible. This amplified my perception of doctor-patient relationships and allowed me to view what demands are made upon a doctor

At school, I am a laboratory assistant in the Chemistry department, where I help set up experiments for coming lessons. Also during school hours, I attend a veteran's home; St David's, where I talk to the people there and build an understanding of their lives, something I find is rewarding on both parties. My mathematical studies have allowed me to think logically and also stimulate my mind. I have done the intermediate mathematical challenge and received a gold and silver; I will soon be taking the senior mathematical challenge. History has helped me develop vital analytical skills and helped me understand the importance of past mistakes. In Chemistry, I find the organic side of the course more thought provoking, especially making drugs such as aspirin and acquiring knowledge of its history

Biology is where my interest of studying Biomedical sciences stems from, as it explains a world not visible to the eye, yet plays a central role in everyday life

Out of school, I partake in life drawing classes; this motivates my interest in art and allows me to think in a broader manner. I find it is an exercise that expands my thoughts, leading to more diverse ideas, which I feel is important, in comparison to thinking within set boundaries. I have a weekend job at Waterstone's and this allows me to interact with people and help develop my communication skills. It has also helped me build up my team working skills, which helps me to be a more reliable and trustworthy person. I also tutor for 11+ plus exams, in which I help children with their mathematics, reading and verbal reasoning skills. This is a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. My school and out of school activities have allowed me to increase my ability to manage my time, which I believe has considerable importance for studying Biomedical Sciences.

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How is it that this person

How is it that this person can fit in so many activities in their life? He/she is studying at college, working at the weekends, helping out at the veteran's home and also tutors children for their +11 exams!? And during that, they've had time to visit lectures and read biology magazines? I'm sorry, this personal may be VERY dedicated to their career and future prospects, and I respect that. But he/she is not a normal teenager! Good personal statement, by the way.

i cannot find an order to

i cannot find an order to this statement. the content is great!

wth is this person talking

wth is this person talking about?a good personal statement should not be like this and yet people still say it's good.

oh god, this is boring

oh god, this is boring

this statement is ok, but i

this statement is ok, but i agree that there is no possible way that this person can fit all this in their life. i have enough trouble fitting in the normal things.

Hmm... Full of yourself?

Lol, this person seems very intent upon mentioning as many biological activities and magazines they have read, and i agree with the person who said "How is it that this person can fit in so many activities in their life?" There doesn't seem to be any passion in what they say, only intent upon trying to persuade the reader of how much they know, some of which I believe to be fabricated, because I am also dedicated to biology, but I never manage to fit all of this into my life, and I don't even have a part time job!

u wat, u fit all dat in, get

u wat, u fit all dat in, get a life lol, only messin good statement but i think its 2 much abat urself and wat u do chill out yh


Just looking at example personal statments for my little brother and have lost the one I did three years ago. However I just wanted to comment on this one as it is for the same subject that I am now studying at university. My personal statment was nothing like this, I wrote a brief paragraph explaining why I wanted to do biomedical science and that was all. The rest of the statment was more about what made me interesting as a person. I was a prefect, I marched on rememberance day at the Menin Gate in Ypres Belgium. I did not attend extra lectures or anything like that. I am now on placement at an immunology laboratory learning a lot more that I would ever have known when I was that age whilst some of my friends who work hard but don't have any hobbies (like kickboxing or knitting or anything interesting) are now struggling. Universities don't want to know what you already know, you are going there to learn after all. Well rounded people will contribute a lot more to university life, so don't feel like you have to make it all about the subject. A good balance is more appealing! Good luck!


i love the speach about


i really like this part...'Biology is where my interest of studying Biomedical sciences stems from, as it explains a world not visible to the eye, yet plays a central role in everyday life'

hey hey

can someone please post another biomedical sciences personal statement for me to gain ideas from... struggling a bit with this one - i'm just not a 'going to biology lectures' kind of person


This personal statement is quite good, it actually inspired me, thanks ! =]

Sam james

you miss loads of full stops at the end of every paragraph. unis might sctrutinise you for not using simple punctuation.
even though im not using apostrophes n shit.
hypocracy ftw.


To be honest, I find the comments below the statement more useful than the actual statement. I'm thinking about applying to BioMed and this statement got me freaking out because the only thing i've done is read the same magazines... I mean, wow... there is no way i could do as much in the next couple of months..Thanks people that commented saying that they didn't write the same on theirs.. :) also i was at MMU this week and attended a lecture on how to write a statement, and the lady said the it shouldnt be boring, and i've skipped a few lines on this one just to get to the end sooner!


I hav gone through both , the personal statement and comments as well.I am also appying for biomed and m worried for my personal statement as m nt getting how to frame anythng ,actually everything.And frankly speaking when i read this personal statement , i am really afraid as i don't hav much work experiences and i havn't attended any conferences or lectures.But after going thru the comments i m a bit relaxed but still i need anyone to help me , as m very afraid what to do, so please anyone , who have gone through this phase kindly help me.

Deric Haber

nice statement man. but you seem talk bout urself the hole tyme. thas selfish bro. you might wanna talk about some on else for a change...nice sta3ement though bro....nawt

I would bet that this person

I would bet that this person actually wanted to do medicine but didn't get the grades. GP/st.johns work experience? bit much for biomed. and they are typical medical w/exp placements. I don't think this is a reliable personal statement to use if you are interested souly in biomedicine. It makes you feel inadequate.


How on earth did you manage to fit all of this into your personal statement. Your personal statement is not persuasive enough. Common are you serious?


Awesome article. Awesome.

This was a good personal

This was a good personal statement, its not easy to write one. Thoes out there posting negative comments it would be kind enough not to post them. This person has been kind and shoen us an example. You are not required to copy this personal statement as u may be caught 4 plagarism. Just take ideas. Be innovative. I am not this person but I dont like reading negative comments. What u do have to c is that the structure and the lay out of in in ur own words tell
1 What are you currently studying and 2 why u wana do the course
3 work experience related to the course
4 out of school acheivment related to course
5 hobbies n interese relae them to the course.
6 concluding statement.
the same thing goes over and over again being punctual, well commited , good team work, relaiblity, passion etc.
Hope this helps.



personally i think .. this

personally i think .. this statement is soo good it makes me feel like shit!.. and good in the sense .. it feels super human.. and if someone did all that just to get into an institute.. hatts off! to that persons commitment. Agreed its boring.. but with stuff like that i feel my passion for the subject would have seemed much more real.. thanks anyway. maybe we will al just drown in our sorrow of being losers.. nah just kidding.. hopefully we will all get in something different .. something of our own.. thanks man

when does he/she sleeps, eat.

when does he/she sleeps, eat. socislise????

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