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The world of biology has always been intriguing to me, wanting to explore the depths of logic and reasons behind the various phenomenon that occurs in our body. The complexity, the awe, the wonder of the occurrence of various processes has never failed to pull me towards the world of biology, one of the pillars of science. I remember during my 12-grade year, while we were studying about the molecular basis of inheritance, how awe-struck it had left me. Learning about the structure of DNA and the complex processes taking place like transcription and translation within such a microscopic nucleus and altogether so well-mediated, left me in wonder and in my own thoughts about it for days. I just couldn't grasp the magnitude of such magnificent processes taking place in our body. Through your esteemed University, I would get the honour of learning about such processes that I so dearly want to. I would get the chance to explore and submerge myself into the depths of this beautiful world of biology. I could say this is one of the main reasons why I have always wanted to pursue Biological Sciences - to understand and study about the world of living things around me and to use that knowledge effectively in whatever future path that I may take.

Another reason why I would like to pursue this major is the fact that it is quite flexible. What I mean by this, is that instead of choosing a pretty specific field as in biochemistry or forensics, by choosing Biological Sciences, I believe that I will get a little taste of everything that this field has to offer. In that way, I really don’t have to limit my options over anything as I will get to learn and experience about a wide range of topics in just one major. I have never really wanted to restrict myself when it came to learning about living things over just one major, as I wish to learn about living things in a broad sense of manner – something that I believe Biological Sciences can effectively offer me.

In addition to all this, I have also thoroughly enjoyed laboratory experiences during my school years. By taking up Biological Sciences, I believe that I will get ample opportunities to take part and gain invaluable experience in research work as well as in the laboratory. I not only have a childish-like curiosity but also like a determined insatiable feeling to explore about the impossible, to satisfy my interests in a range of biology-based courses like genetics, biotechnology and molecular biology and to finally use this knowledge from the research studies in my future endeavours. Also since your University places a huge emphasis on research and laboratory, I believe it is exactly what I am looking for, leading to a win-win situation in this case.
Lastly, I believe by taking up Biological Sciences, I will have a wide range of postgraduate options available to me. This seems quite exciting to me as I wouldn’t have to adhere to a few specific postgraduate options. The field of Biological Sciences will open many doors for further education for me ranging from pre-med to Environmental Biology. And so one of the best things about a degree in Biological Sciences is the way it lends itself to post-graduate study as it’s both driven by research and quite flexible.

I believe due to all of the reasons that I have mentioned, this is what interests me about studying Biological Sciences. Someone, as in me, who is quite interested in a field of research and endless possibilities, I believe that this is what I have always aspired to study. If given a fruitful opportunity as this to study Biological Sciences, I hope and believe all the same that I will be able to gain the best out of this opportunity and live up to my words.

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