Biological Sciences Personal Statement Example 2

I am interested in pursuing a career in biological sciences because I am captivated by the wonders of the components of life. There upon, I desire to understand the background of problems that are formulated by biology on a molecular level, such as cancer, diseases and genetic disorders.

Being brought up in Jhelum, an economically deprived village in Pakistan has led me to distinguish that the poverty stricken conditions can lead to death. This has increasingly fuelled my passion to study biological sciences as it may hold the answers to preventing ill-health.

My Studies in A Level Biology and Chemistry has confirmed this desire. I am particularly intrigued and enjoy leaning about cell biology, genetics and how these cells, due to faulty gene transcription, may lead to cancer. On the other hand, these cells work together to perform the essential functions of life.

Whilst studying A level Chemistry, I gained knowledgeable insights into laboratory work, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. This has improved my laboratory skills and manual dexterity. That exposure has helped me to realize that working in a laboratory is something I want to pursue.

Having subscribed to 'New Scientist' magazine, I am constantly informed about the developments in science and I thoroughly enjoy reading further around my subjects.

As part of my apprenticeship in 'Health & Social Care', I have offered my time to various work placements such as nurseries, hospitals and care homes.

I demonstrated my capability in working with people from as little as six months to elderly people. I was able to interact with patients from diverse cultures and backgrounds and this consequently has reinforced my interpersonal skills.

Furthermore, working at Elm lodge day centre, I primarily took care of people with mental health ailments which has helped develop my communication skills and understanding of patients' requirements. Having worked with a medical team, I have gained inter-professional and team working skills.

I am currently working as a senior cyber mentor, Cybermentors, a registered charity which provides an online peer mentoring service for young people aged 11-18, who are victims of bullying.

While working for this charity, my communication and I.T skills were reinforced. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending my time over these work placements and I believe I have been equipped with relevant skills to succeed on a biological science degree.

I am a self taught belly dancer and a student of salsa dance club at an enrichment programme. Being elected as a leaner voice representative demonstrates that my peers believe I am reliable, confident, outspoken and a good team member. In addition, I am able to express my creativity through food as I have the ability to cook a wide variety of dishes.

This interest was influenced by my eagerness for travelling as I gained the taste of diversity in culture and tradition. Having a multi-cultural upbringing, I am able to speak a number of languages, including fluent Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Somali, which enables to communicate with people from a variety of backgrounds.

I can confidently say I am an enthusiastic individual who is committed to expanding both my knowledge and interests on the course.

Volunteering to be a representative for the college open days enhanced my social skills and approachability as this is required for the course and interactions with other students.

Studying at university will give me an experience of a life time because of the challenges the course has to offer. I wish to follow a successful career in research and this degree will enable me to reach my full potential.

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This personal statement was written by aisha.haydar for application in 2011.

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King's College London
Queen Mary, University of London
Brunel University
The University of Reading
St George's Hospital Medical School

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I don't see anything great about it but it got me offers from 4 unis so I guess its a good enough template! But good luck to you all and hope this can help you construct your personal statement.


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