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When Aristotle, in 300 BC, first decided to analyse the creatures living in the sea, he set the starting point of what was to become a revolutionary science. He found it fascinating, but studying aquatic creatures was not something he could do with ease. However, nowadays we possess the necessary means to delve the ocean depths, hence I believe that it is a moral duty of the human race to fully research what covers more than 70% of our planet.

To know that only 10% of the total marine environment has been discovered intrigues me. I find it rather strange that people choose to explore the surface of the moon, when we do not even know all that can be learned about our own planet. I believe that answers to fundamental questions regarding the emergence and the development of life on Earth lie deep in the yet unseen corners of the marine abysses. The main reason for this is plainly simple: the ocean has always been there, even before any form of living creature appeared. Revealing all those secrets lying right under our nose could be the key to understanding the changes that our planet is undergoing. Also, it may be the best source for potentially life-saving solutions to the problems regarding the impact that destructive human behavior has on the world.

What concerns me most is the growing number of endangered marine species. I want to be able to help the animals that unfairly have to suffer as a result of our recklessness. Oil spills, extensive and illegal fishing, waste dumping or trophy hunting are but a few ways in which people constantly harm the inhabitants of the sea. Fighting for the survival of marine creatures is what I envision myself doing. But in order to do that, I first have to understand each species and also the relationships that form the ecosystem. I want to learn as much as I can, and a British University is the best choice, since my home country does not offer the possibility to study this matter at a sufficiently advanced level.

The month I spent this summer volunteering with the Katelios Group in Kefalonia for the protection of sea turtles is a relevant experience to me. I can easily say that so far I have done nothing with more passion and dedication than the work I did with the Caretta Caretta in the 2013 nesting season. It thrilled me to be able to actually aid them, but also to collect scientific data related to the hatchling activity of a nest or to the appearance of the large reptiles while learning a lot about their behavior, physiology and, of course, about what can be done in order to help them.
My school background in Biology and Chemistry has greatly enhanced my understanding of the natural world, and, at the same time, aroused my interest in my chosen domain. Mathematics has helped me develop an analytic mind, utterly valuable in scientific research.

Regarding my extra-curricular activities, I have always shared a vivid interest in voluntary experiences that have enriched my aptitudes. By working for the school magazine, I have gained the ability of journalistic writing, while working in a team has helped me discover my leadership and management capacities, as I became its leader. I learned to cope with stress conditions and to handle deadlines effectively, which proved useful in working for the environment through "Let's do it, Romania!", a national clean-up program.

As for myself, I can say that I am a very sociable person who finds pleasure not only in academic research, but also in learning about different cultures and languages. The experience of interacting with students from all over the world would benefit me greatly. In turn, I would love to share with them my worldly, many-sided interests thus contributing to a livelier, more diverse environment. Were I to be accepted, I would find my university years a challenge that I am eager to prevail, as becoming a marine biologist at least as famous as Rachel Carson is my most ardent dream.

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We were told to stick to the so what idea, and that you must be able to prove what you say, anybody can say they enjoy socialising, so what, so does everybody else, it doesnt set you aprart

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