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A person's fingerprint is like a biological seal which, once impressed, can never be denied (Colin Beavan).

Having arrived at A levels my developing interest in science, especially biology, became firmed up by the time decision time came. Having developed a curiosity for Forensic science, influenced by my interest in related books, TV and news items, there was no hesitation in the decision to take this interest into my undergraduate studies and to pursue a career as a Forensic Scientist.

What appeals to me most about this subject is how much can be explained from analysing an object by using scientific knowledge. Working in labs and experiments have always excited me and I hope to carry my lab skills to a more advanced level and also learn to use more developed apparatus and tools. This is something I look forward to with great interest. I have no illusions that this is a glamorous field as depicted in popular entertainment media, but certainly have been further influenced by recent cases where the science has had a major influence. (Madeline's case, Rhys's case etc.,)

As a school prefect with many responsibilities such as organising and attending school events such as fund raisers have certainly provided a background for carrying future adulthood responsibility to society. Being a deputy head girl, is an added honour as much as it is a responsibility as it allows me to be a voice for others. It also gives me the opportunity to hold positions of responsibility within school as well as in my own time. The hard work put in towards studies earned me the honour of a school; award for Academic Endeavour in the summer of 2007.

Outside of the normal school curriculum, having played tennis for eight years I had the honour to represent Priory School for two years. Prior to transferring to the United Kingdom for my education my primary and secondary schooling was in the Netherlands where I was successful in obtaining the Dutch National Diploma's A. B and C for swimming, in the shortest possible time.

In my early years while living in Sri Lanka I received training in elocution and speech and acquired a Sri Lanka National Diploma. Also during these early years I became a trained ballet dancer and participated in a number of public performances. Having had the opportunity to become a trained peer mediator allows me to communicate and help other members of the school.

Besides the activities in Tennis and Swimming my main hobby is reading, and I take great pleasure in reading novels by authors such as Max Allen Collins, James Patterson and John Grisham who are all famous for writing crime thrillers. My interest in reading is not restricted to novels but to factual accounts of past cases involving the use of forensic science to solve them. Thus I have learnt that not only does forensic science help to prove the guilt of criminals who have committed crimes but also to prove the innocence of those accused of crimes that they have not committed. Reading to me, is most enjoyable and one book I am very fond of is Atonement, by Ian McEwan, a book that explores childhood confusion, love as well as war.

Since starting volunteer work at Heartlands Hospital I have broadened my communicative skills by interacting with patients, relatives of patients as well as professional staff. I believe that this will help in the future when working in a team. This experience has also enabled me to grow as a person.

Having subscribed to Forensic Magazine keeps me informed on the latest about science and technology in this field. I take pleasure in discovering about Forensic science by reading around the subject. Reading magazines is an example of this as they are inspiring and provide me with a greater insight into the subject. I believe that being a forensic analyst is a rewarding and challenging career as it would involve me working with the subject I am most keen on; biology. I look forward to this challenge.

My ambition is to pursue a career as a successful forensic analyst for which this degree will equip me ideally.

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Hmmm. It is very good. But I

Hmmm. It is very good. But I think that you should put in something about the chemistry aspect of molecular biology and forensic science, as it plays a BIG role, and they will probably (I'm no expert) want to know you recognise that and don't just see the parts that you like (biology).

It does seem (even though you refute it) that you are affected by the media's portrayal of forensic science, and I would add a bit more about the actual scientific content that you enjoy from what you are studying at the moment.

Also, slight point, the "grow as a person" part is a bit ambiguous and a little cliched. I would suggest either adding a little mention of what "grow as a person" means, or leave it out.

But I'm very impressed.

the quote at the beginning is

the quote at the beginning is probably a bad idea, it makes it sounds really corny. The rest is good though, just needs a little work.

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