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Since the beginning of my intellectually aware life, I've been seeking for a passion that would be complicated enough to hold my interest and at the same time be perspective. I can now say that I have found the science that has survived all of my dilemmas , wanderings and uncertainties - the thing that has become my ultimate passion is Biology.

My desire is to thoroughly understand not only human nature, but nature itself. I believe Biology is capable of giving me answers. I also think that the human brain and mind assimilate concepts and principles (which Biology theories are based on) better than raw laws.

Of course the laws on which we imagine the whole existence is based on, are unarguably fundamental, but may I say that they require more of just acceptance than comprehension.

I chose to invest in Biology, because of the reasons above and because I can be good at it. In school I always had top scores on tests, I even got the best Biology student award.

I have participated in Biology competitions, and have achieved well. I particularly enjoy Genetics. The concepts of heredity, variation, evolution, DNA, etc, fascinate me.

Last summer my school science club, and I went to an expedition to the Rozhen Astronomic Observatory, situated at 1759 m. altitude, where we studied the behavior of some organisms, as well as tested the water and made a research on the flora of the place.

I have made many presentations on biological topics in front of an audience and from the good responses I received I can say that I am a good presentor. The latest project I’m taking part in is a one with the eco club, and it is about alternative ways of saving energy.

I now take some extra Biology and Chemistry practical and lab courses, since I’m 12th grade and in our educational system Biology and Chemistry are not included in the obligatory classes.

I would also like to point out that I play the piano and dance classical ballets. I have taken part in our school plays (mostly being in the leading role) and I have also been the host of our annual school celebrations.

The many concerts (piano, ballets, drama) I’ve had and participated in make me confident with being in front of unknown faces. I took many extra courses in and outside of school during highschool. For example I still enjoy practicing yoga.

I also took a Japanese course and I was very impressed by Eastern culture and language. I studied Hebrew for a year and was able to touch that culture too, and am very glad, because this is something that broadens my mind.

I adore painting, but don’t have the time to do it that much. I am, though, interested in art, music, different cultures and of course literature. I participated in Bulgarian literature and Philosophy competitions just to see if I can do well, and I did reasonably OK. I like to read a lot, as I believe that reading is the main trigger for thought.

I’m familiar with many renowned authors and my thirst for knowledge never lessens. In books I find not only aesthetical pleasure, but also a way to develop myself. My latest inspiration is Michael Stebbins’ Sex, Drugs and DNA - a book that gave a sobering and illuminating insight into common genetics.

This book also triggers my interest towards the human genome project as well as confronting the taboos about GM (genetically modified) foods and animals.

I would like to study in the UK, firstly, because of the better job opportunities, secondly, because the course I’m applying for is not well developed in my country, and because I like learning about other cultures.

For 5 years now I have been coping with living alone and being a self standing person, which gives me confidence and some advantage for my future life. I have futuristic thinking and can be very creative. I hold to my principles and think thoroughly before making an important decision.

I hope I’ll be a successful scientist, because scientists are creators and my dream is to be a creator in the nowadays world of consumerism

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stop trying to sound

stop trying to sound intellectual, you're using big fancy words but it doesnt actually make sense and is grammatically incorrect in places. if you are smart, they will see it. be who you are- not poncy, it will put them off if anything.

You sound as though you have

You sound as though you have a definite direction that you want to persue, and you have certainly managed to 'big youself up'. I'm not sure if some of the words that you've used in the first paragraph make complete sense, so make sure you check them using a dictionary. Overall though, it's a very VERY confident personal statement- perhaps a little too elaborate in places.

I think its pretty good :P

I think its pretty good :P

Lighten up!

This person is obviously not from the UK (it says in the statement) so stop attacking the choice of vocabulary! How many of you can write like this in a different language? They have put this up to help you, not so you can make fun and be rude about it.

the "I hope I’ll be a

the "I hope I’ll be a successfull scientist, because scientists are creators and my dream is to be a creator in the nowadays world of consumerism" sentance.

you do realise that successful only has one "L" at the end, not two like you have put. Ensure you reread through this.


Say, you got a nice blog article. Will read on...

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