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University has always appealed to me because of the wealth of experiences it has to offer as a student.

Although I enjoy a wide variety of subjects: An A level subject that I am especially keen to study is Biology. For me, the main appeal of the course lies in the variety of topics that will be covered. The aspects of Biology I find particularly interesting are cellular Biology and how the immune system functions and responds. Student life also appeals to me immensely.

The thought of living away from home and being almost totally independent appeals to me because it is a challenge, and one I really want to take. I think I will cope well as I can manage time quite well. I attended Treorchy Comprehensive School and I have enjoyed my years at the school.

I sat my GCSEs at the school and I received 4 A grades, 6 B grades, and 1 C grade. I then went on to further my education in the six form at the school, which has been very successful in recent years. I opted to study Biology, Geography, Physics, and ICT.

I received an A grade in Biology, Geography, and Physics at GCSE and they were also very enjoyable subjects so I opted to pursue them at AS level. In my AS level exams I received a B in Biology, a B in Geography, a C in Physics, and a C in ICT.

I was pleased with my results and I continued my studies to study Biology, Physics, and Geography at A2 level. I am finding the subjects interesting and a challenge, which is what I wanted from them. I have had two work placements 'Young & Phillips Chartered Accountants' in Treorchy, dealing with people's income and expenditure bills and working out profits and losses.

This involved using a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. The work experience was very helpful to me, as it gave me my first impression of an office environment. My intended career path used to be that I wanted to work in an office, after work experience I have learned that the day-to-day work is very repetitive

This helped me in my decision to concentrate on subjects that have some practical work to give me a change from time to time. The other work placement that I have been on is 'Bridgend County Borough Council' in Bridgend. The work I was involved in was working with another employee of the council installing white interactive boards in schools.

I was involved in talking to teachers in schools, and with the people that worked for Bridgend Council. Both my experiences proved successful and productive. These experiences especially allowed me to use my interpersonal skills to the full. In my references, both employers remarked on my willingness to learn, my enthusiasm and initiative as well as my ability to work with others, and to communicate fairly clearly.

I have a variety of hobbies outside school. When time allows, I find playing basketball, and cricket very enjoyable and a change from my studies. I also play pool in my spare time for a local pub team.

I enjoy using computers as a hobby, and I am computer literate as I have studied ICT at AS level and my work experience placements have involved a lot of work on a computer. I can fully use a spreadsheet, word processing package, databases, desktop publishing packages, and I can install software easily and work around problems that I come across while using a computer.

At present, I am putting most of my effort into achieving the best grades in my A Levels to allow me to reach the next target in my education. I understand that university life will be very challenging, but I am confident that it will give me the best chance to achieve my potential, and lead the way forward to a successful career.

I believe that University is the best option for people hoping to get the most out of their career, and those that wish to have the most skilled jobs. I want a successful and promising career and I believe that University is the first step to achieving this aim. I hope that this application indicates that I am a promising candidate.

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This personal statement was written by srsaran for application in 2009.

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