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I had a passion for Biology from a young age as my grandfather used to be a Biology teacher and I really enjoyed reading and looking through his textbooks when I was a child. He is the person who first introduced me to the world of natural sciences and inspired me to further explore that field of study. Since then I have always wanted to further my knowledge in all things biological.
While undertaking my Biology A-level I discovered that I am most interested in cellular and human biology. I am fascinated by the way cells and the body function. I wish to take this course to enable me to develop scientific skills that will provide me with a greater understanding of the body and factors that affect it.

I am studying Psychology at A-Level and I studied Chemistry at A/S level. The practical element of my Chemistry course involved an understanding of procedures and precautions necessary throughout all science-based experiments; I feel that this understanding will improve my ability in practical elements of the course. Working as part of a group in Psychology has enabled me to develop as a person and learn to share my ideas which I feel is useful because I can work with other people effectively.

History has also been a passion of mine, and I am taking the A/S History course to broaden my knowledge skills. My History course has enabled me to increase my essay writing skills and has shown me how to think logically. Overall my A level courses aim to increase my evaluation skills which I feel is important as it has helped me to form balanced views.

I can claim that I am a well-organized person and I always manage to find time for my diverse interests. While in Sixth Form, I worked part-time in a hotel as a food and beverage assistant and I gained useful experience. This improved my organizational skills because my position involved creating work schedules. My job meant that I also learnt how to handle stressful situations without causing further problems. Working as part of a team and serving members of the public has also improved my social skills, making me more confident when working with
others which is important in my chosen career.

I am keen on sports and outdoor pursuits and I have enjoyed a range of activities from countryside walks to swimming and diving. I feel I would particularly enjoy the fieldwork the course offers.
I think all these skills will be very useful for a degree course and will help me adapt to the new environment. I wish to study at university, not only for the knowledge that I will gain from the course, but also for the experience university life has to offer.

During my two years within the Sixth Form I have participated in various activities. For example, I represented the college at an open day, took part in a crime convention, participated in a blood donation scheme, helped to integrate new children to the school and did work experience for the Society for the Blind. These activities meant that I had to be confident, approachable
and polite. I feel these are characteristics that will enable me to get involved with student life at university.

My ambition is to participate in conservation work abroad, before gaining experience in a career based in this area, such as teaching. I feel the experience outlined above and the knowledge I will gain from the course will enable me to achieve this ambition.

At present, I am putting most of my effort into achieving the best grades in my A Levels to allow me to reach the next target in my education. I understand that university life will be very challenging, but I am confident that it will give me the best chance to achieve my potential, and lead the way forward to a successful career.

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This personal statement was written by vm3 for application in 2009.

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Personally, i do think my statement is great :)


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I think this personal

I think this personal statement is amazing & i would copy it. I give it 2000 stars. Immense

yeah its okay . . . at best!!

yeah its okay . . . at best!! not great really!


dont start every sentence with "I"


either you have been copying or someone has copied you....the whole last paragraph and the blood donation part followed by 'confident approachable and polite' is in someone elses on this site

'increased my skills' -

'increased my skills' - doesnt make sense


ur a lil copy cat aint u
u cheeky copycat, i jus read the first section off anova guyz statement
i hope u fail to get in uni and u fail as aperson u cheeky devil

u cheeky devil

u cheeky devil

I didn't copy anything thank

I didn't copy anything thank you very much and this personal statement got me a great University place.


Wow, great blog post.Thanks Again. Awesome.

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