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Throughout countless centuries, great thinkers and philosophers have used Mathematics and logic to try and comprehend their surroundings using the limited resources and information available to them. In my opinion, ‘science’ has existed since those humble beginnings but was hampered by the ignorance or dogma of others.

Although many of the mathematical proofs of this era have stood the test of time, until recently - with the introduction of the scientific method - we were unable to use truly sceptical analysis to foster an empiricism-based scientific community that is open to criticism. I’m very excited to study and have the opportunity to take part in this rapidly developing world of biology.

I’ve always had a profound interest and respect for science and as such have read predominantly non-fiction. As my appreciation of the natural world grew I started to branch out and realise my more specific interests, most notably evolutionary biology. Inevitably it was The Origin of Species that crystallised my passion for biology into a desire to study it as a life-long career.

A quote by Jared Diamond, known for his book ‘Guns, Germs, and Steel’ reads, “Biology is the science. Evolution is the concept that makes Biology unique”. This is a statement I revere, because the understanding of evolution has allowed me to see the technical, complex side of nature as well as the ‘superficial’ beauty of the biological cosmos.

I’m a deeply analytical thinker, able to apply my knowledge and reasoning skills to efficiently problem solve; I believe that this is vital to the subject of biology which requires not only the ability to retain information but also to interpret it.

Through my Maths and Physics AS Levels I have gained an understanding in not only the mathematical language but also the abstract thinking that is needed to solve complex problems.

Physics has given me a new appreciation of the universe by revealing the fundamental rules that govern it and has answered many questions that I’ve asked myself regarding the natural phenomena I have witnessed around me. I feel these subjects will provide me with a firm basis for my continued study of biology.

Besides doing A Levels I have also traveled, paying my way by working. At the age of 18 I left the county alone with the plan to spend a year working in Australia, in practice I ended up almost completely circumnavigating the continent. This was entirely funded from the nine jobs I had during that time.

I used the money I had saved to subsequently spend two months in India, and one in Southeast Asia. This year of my life was invaluable to me, teaching me to live and think independently. I also broadened my knowledge and opinions on a variety of subjects, from social and political matters to environmental issues and cultural differences, also motivating me to learn German from fellow travelers I met to a near fluent level.

Since returning to England, I have visited Germany twice and visited five eastern European countries.

I am enthused by the variety of careers the study of Biology can open up to me, whether it is research and development or a more business related job that requires a technical knowledge in biology along with the skills gained from my studies.

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