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The cell, the building block of all life, has always fascinated me. The way everything that lives stems from a phenomenon so tiny it can not be seen by the naked eye is the main point driving my curiosity.

By July 2018, I will have graduated from the "dr. Antuna Barca" high school in Crikvenica, Croatia.

I have decided to continue my education abroad, in one of the esteemed universities of the United Kingdom. The high school program I attended in Croatia did not have any particular focus, instead giving equal weight to all seventeen subjects I had.

In this diverse and work-intensive environment I discovered my affinity towards natural sciences, and strongly dedicated myself towards Biology and Chemistry. I have also enjoyed Mathematics and other logical subjects.

This environment has also taught me to organise my time efficiently, so that I could get excellent grades in all of the various subjects throughout my whole education.

Years of schoolwork prepared me for handling the workload of a well established university. Doing advanced mathematics for years has made me proficient in working with numbers and able to untangle complex problems through logic.

My experience in Biology and Chemistry has provided me with ample base knowledge, and allowed me to begin to understand many processes occurring in nature, from organelle to biome.

In addition to that, practical work has given me insight into the experience of working in these areas, and thanks to that, my passion towards natural sciences has increased over the years, and continues to do so.

Current events in the world of natural sciences, such as scientists growing a human ear on live mice, as well as the recent Nobel prize-winning discovery on molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm are drawing my interest even more.

As my education progressed, I found myself regularly immersing in biology-related work, even going as far as bringing my own substrates such as shed leopard gecko skin, moss, and samples of water from the nearby Dubračina river for the purpose of observing under the microscope. In the 2nd grade of high school I made a herbarium from the local flora, spanning over 30 species.

It was proclaimed the best herbarium made and displayed in the classroom for the entire school year.

I participated in Biology, Chemistry, and English Language competitions each year, and will do so again this year. I have had successful results, taking 10th and 2nd place county-wide in Biology in 2015 and 2017, respectively, 2nd place in Chemistry in 2015, as well as 5th place nation-wide in English in 2016.

Additionally, I have competed in similar Mathematics competitions throughout primary school, also achieving county-level successes for 5 years in a row, as well as other competitions which are less relevant for my application.

Adding on to my primary school success, in 2014 I was named the "Student of the Generation" by the City of Crikvenica, due to my excellent grades and accolades from the aforementioned competitions.

Outside of studies, my hobbies include playing basketball and drums - activities which have helped me embrace teamwork and social cohesiveness, but have also enhanced my individual work and will to improve. Additionally, they provide a fantastic workout and a way to unwind when not studying.

Moreover, I finished a 6-year-long music school piano program with excellent success, as well as a junior lifeguard course.

I believe that my passion, motivation to work hard and my will to obtain knowledge show readiness for excelling in higher education. I am looking forward to be part of an environment in which I will be surrounded by like-minded students and supportive professors.

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Applied to multiple courses in University of Edinburgh and St Andrews. Please do offer any opinions!


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