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Over the past two years I have acquired a blend of diverse scientific knowledge, analytical skills and time management. My Biology and Chemistry A-levels have given me an appreciation of how molecular structures create complex biochemical systems, which in turn can give rise to changes on the macro scale of tissues and organs on which medicine works. Psychology offers a
scientific understanding of mental phenomenon at an alternative level to molecular interactions while refining my essay writing and evaluating skills.

This has developed my ability to articulate scientific ideas clearly and concisely in extended prose. My current interests lye in the study of mammalian microbiology, disease and genetics and I am currently finding 'The Making of the Fittest' by Sean B. Carroll an enlightening read. I am particularly interested by the physiology of the eye and how photoreceptor pigments have evolved and differ between species due to selection pressures. In conclusion Biomedical Sciences will help me to transfer my scientific interests into a well regarded, fascinating speciality with practical

In addition to A-Levels, I have prepared for higher education through the Manchester Access Programme (MAP), to increase access to top universities for academically able students. For MAP I enjoyed writing an assignment on atherosclerosis aimed beyond A-Level standard, for which I gained a perfect score. My research taught me at an atomic level how redox signalling imposes inflammatory responses as well as encouraging phagocytosis of cholesterol in the tunica intima.

The resulting 'foam cells' die and cholesterol is deposited again. This gave me an insight into how biological repair can sometimes propagate further problems for the body; in this case atheromatous lesions are formed. My mentor for the MAP was studying for a PhD in Biology and discussions with him have given me an informed perspective of the demands of Degree level study while also an ambition to succeed at Degree level and beyond. The challenge of MAP inspired me to undertake the Perspectives on Science Extended Project; currently I am considering controversies in medical science, and enjoying debating the MMR vaccine including the influence of Dr Andrew Wakefield and particular media figures.

I shall soon begin the dissertation aspect of the course in which I shall ask what modern genetics can and cannot tell us about humans, which in part will evaluate the extent of the role genes actually play in predisposing humans to traits and behaviours.

Furthermore to help identify my ideal degree course I undertook several work placements. These included volunteering for a short time at Wigan & Leigh Hospital and shadowing my local GP. These two periods gave me insights into possible career opportunities allied to healthcare and pharmacy, as well as the role of disease in society.

That aside, I feel that I always respond well when surrounded by talented peers, so I believe Degree level study will help to increase my maturity and intellect, but also enabling me to raise the standard of others.

Alongside my academic dedication I have been able to enjoy many hobbies, allowing me to relax and spend time away from work. I play for both an eleven and six a-side football team and I believe team sport has helped me become more of a leader, able to give and receive constructive criticism. I am always active in my leisure and I feel this will help me to easily adapt to university

Ultimately, I believe I am well informed concerning the demands and opportunities of a Biomedical Sciences course. As a result I am confident that my interest, enjoyment and motivation throughout the course will remain high. I also feel I am suited to higher education due to my enthusiastic, competitive and proactive nature as well as my aptitude for science.

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This personal statement was written by ilikefishsticks for application in 2009.

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I have gained offers from the following universities to study biomedical sciences:

The University of Manchester (AAB) FIRM
Durham University (ABB) INSURANCE
University of Warwick (BBB)
University of Liverpool (ABB)

I also received a rejection from Bradford University.


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did you have an interview

did you have an interview from warwick or was it a straight offer?

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