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It was learning about the discovery of penicillin that first stimulated my interest in the behaviour and destruction of microbes by the action of drugs; for example antibiotics. Learning about this giant leap forward in medicine and the way it transformed the treatment of disease inspired me to pursue the study of Microbiology. I am also fascinated by the compounds that go into medicines; for example Aspirin which is produced from willow bark. For this reason, I would relish the opportunity to study Microbiology in greater detail and further my learning and enjoyment that I have experienced during my A levels; in areas such as genetics and cell biology.
From carrying out experiments in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, it has allowed me to develop my scientific planning, analysis and evaluation skills whilst I have also learnt about the importance of using resources appropriately and testing hypotheses. In addition, I have developed the ability to work effectively as an individual when drawing conclusions during experiments such as for coursework; or in a group for example, when recording results.
To develop a greater understanding of Microbiology, I visited University College London's Microbiology department where I shadowed members of the department and took part in numerous investigations. With use of samples of faeces, urine and wound swabs, I prepared and viewed agar plates and microscope slides which allowed me to acquire a greater knowledge about the variety of skills and methods required in a Microbiology laboratory.
In July and August of 2008, I took great pleasure in completing a Nuffield Science Bursary at the Botany department of the Natural History Museum entitled "Georeferencing Alchemilla". For this, I was required to find co-ordinates for the locations of the specimens so that they may be revisited in the future to assess the numbers of Alchemilla present in Britain. I gained a great deal of knowledge about plant taxonomy and georeferencing. Furthermore, I submitted a report on my findings and I will be presenting my experience to prospective Nuffield students in the upcoming weeks.
To prepare me for entry into university, I have also arranged a month's work experience at a hospital pharmacy in Jamaica next summer. This will enable me to gain work experience in a hospital environment and apply the skills that I have gained through my studies and work experience to date.
Engaging in a range of extra curricular activities has enhanced my communication and interpersonal skills. In school, I participated in the athletics team and in various
competitions against schools in the borough of Barnet. Whilst being Form Captain, my responsibilities included maintaining the discipline of the form and co-ordinating the differing strengths of individual form members. As services to my church, I am an Assistant Leader at the Brownies and active in the youth team. We plan activities on an ongoing basis for children in order to raise funds. For six months, I also worked in a Cancer Research store where I was responsible for pricing incoming donations and in April, I participated in The Great Daffodil Appeal for the Marie Curie Cancer Care in which I took part in fundraising activities, such as collecting donations. I was part of a national team that raised GBP 5.1million. These duties, have allowed me to hone my teamwork, leadership, organisational and communication skills. For relaxation, I thoroughly enjoy reading, in particular non-fiction. Currently, I am reading a book called “A Child Called 'It'” by David Pelzer. I take great pleasure in decorative sewing and listening to music. I have a keen interest in various sports including swimming, athletics and trampolining. Recently I have joined a trampolining club and attend coaching lessons.
As an independent and committed individual, I look forward with confidence to the challenges that await me at University.

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