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My interest in science widened when I started high school. It gave me the opportunity to do well on my favourite subjects. This opportunity led me to have the interest on the physical human health; specifically the known illnesses that we can have at present and might have in the future. I ask myself questions like: Why do we get ill? Why do our adapted bodies fail to protect itself? How does it happen? How can it be treated? How can we avoid recurrences? I have an immense curiosity in the excellent design together with the imperfections of the human body.

My aim is to gain competence in research, diagnosis and particularly the treatment of human diseases and of course, practice it. I know that pursuing higher education and undergoing this course will further widen my knowledge and help me achieve my aim.

At college, I took Chemistry, Human Biology and Physics. In chemistry, I was attracted to the organic side because it is the field that deals with formulation of drugs and greatly overlaps with biology. It sharpened my laboratory techniques including the use of pipettes and burettes which I will need to do titrations, spectroscopy and other quantitative and qualitative analysis. In biology, I typically enjoyed learning human immunity, human genetics and the possible uses of its development.

I also realised the superior design of living bodies to adapt to their environment that leads to their evolution. Physics on the other hand provided me the knowledge to deal with concerns of reliability, precision/accuracy, and its effects to the interpretation of gathered data.

Whilst studying my AS, I worked as a community care worker during the weekends that's concerned with caring for the elderly and people with disability. With this job I realise my enthusiasm to care for people and get gratitude in return. Now, for my gap year, I'm currently employed as a care assistant in a nursing home in which I work closely with people in the nursing profession primarily undertaking palliative care for the elderly.

With this paid-work, I am able to see how a private health care environment functions to succeed in promoting life and well-being. I have learnt the some types of drugs that are used, how they work and what they are for; either to prevent or cure illness or control disorders.

Also, I gained experience on how to deal with awkward situations towards people that are not in the right state of mind or unwell. I have improved transferable skills like efficient time management and team playing as I work in a group of other care assistants that needs to finish tasks within a specified time. I also practiced being a team-leader as I have helped to train new care assistants to integrate themselves in the work environment.

I became reliable and confident in what I do because I have exercised the responsibility I am given to care for the service users I look after. To help me with this job and potentially my professional job in the future, I am currently studying NVQ II in Social and Health Care.

In my free time, I usually cycle around the town and parks just for exercise. I also enjoy swimming, dancing, socialising with friends and especially going out.

After I finish my degree I am planning to take my learning to the next level by studying medicine and specialise in the field of pathology.

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this is a really good

this is a really good personal statement and reading it has helped me to develop into one i can actually use. thanks alot :)

Thanks, this has helped me so

Thanks, this has helped me so much


This is a personal statement that you should be proud of. Much better than the many i have read!


the content and layout of

the content and layout of your personal statement is perfect. This is what i believe a personal statement should be like so very well done!!!


The material is on the five plus. But there is a minus! My internet speed 56kb/sek. The page was loading for about 40 seconds!....


I really liked your article.Really thank you! Will read on...

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