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Studying biology at school has made me realise that Human biology is a fascinating story of human evolution which includes a detailed accounting of our genetics, anatomy, physiology, and ecology. It is equally fascinating to know that Human biology tells us on how we got here, how we function, and the role we play in the natural worldMost Importantly, this helps us to better understand human health – how to stay healthy and how diseases and injuries can be treated. .that’s why it is my goal to achieve a deeper knowledge of the human body and, the main thing that attracts me towards Biology is that it is always being tested, disproven, and changed, which offers an unlimited capacity for discovery . Also Studying biology at school Has allowed me to get a better idea about evolutionary theory, gene therapy, reproduction and human health, advances in biotechnology also studying biology, has taught me to make more informed decisions about significant biological issues such as genetically modified crops, the use of antibiotics, and the eradication of invasive species.

I chose biology, chemistry and physics in 11th standard with two additional subjects English and physical education and next year 2021 March I’ll be appearing for my CBSE board exams in which iam aiming to achieve 90% above in all subjects. In school I’ve been a member of editorial board of my previous school newspaper “ The Air Force golden Jubilee “ in which I have to write about the development and importance of science in our life also I got an opportunity to be the prefect of my school in 9th and 10th standard ,also I’ve been in NCC camp for about 2 years , Which is basically National Cadet Corps in India and it is an voluntary organisation in which cadets from high school are given basic military training in small arms and parades . In addition to this I was the captain of my kho - kho team in which we got gold medal in the inter house kho-kho girls competition , And I’ve been a part of debating club for about 3 years which allowed me to develop my communication as well as team-working skills ..These duties helped me to hone my leadership skills and ability to work with those around me, as a part of an efficient team. Also I’ve received scholarship for all round excellence in academic in 8th and 9th standard.

Besides learning all the fascinating world of science, I love playing badminton as it helps me to Improve my concentration levels and helps me to become more focused, alert and agile. I like playing doubles in badminton , because in that you need good teamwork and awareness of what is going on around you.
My main reason to choose uk as my study destination is that Universities in the UK have the best academic standards in the world and the thing which attracted me the most is that in UK, practical and utility-based knowledge is preferred over text-book learning. This will help me to acquire critical thinking and analytical skills along with creative ability . that’s why getting a degree from this country is my dream .

I think that Studying Biomedical Sciences would teach me a vast array of different topics which would give me a further understanding on the functions of life and after completing this degree I would like to peruse a currier in medicine so this degree would be a solid foundation for the career that I want to follow and to get a deeper understanding of human biology and scientific basis of medicine and the causes of diseases that affect humankind. Ultimately I believe that biology has inspired me to want to study science further to fulfil my career ambition of becoming a doctor and make a huge difference to people's lives . I know that there will be many challenges on the way to my success but I feel That I have the determination, resilience and confidence to fight and succeed because I believe that “Confidence and hard work is the best medicine to kill failure” by A.P.J Abdul Kalam .

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Hey guys!!!!
Iam Vaidehi Arya and I hope my personal statement will help you in any other way
With this personal statement I got offers from the following universities

1) university of Manchester
2) king’s college London
3) Queens university Belfast
4) Birmingham university
5) University college London

Ps - do not try to copy in any circumstances ......... plagiarism is detected .....anyway all the best!!!!!


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