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The University of Oxford defines biomedical science as the “focus on how cells, organs and systems function in the human body” but to me, this is a very basic definition of something that means a lot to me. It is the chance to learn more about the subject that I am passionate about, the chance to be able to diagnose diseases in advance and prolong someone’s life, the chance to make a difference in the world. For as long as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by medical based subjects from first-hand experience while at the doctor to work experience and TV shows based around the subject. I am applying to the biomedical science courses as it is something I have a great interest and passion in.

By taking biology and chemistry at a higher level, I have expanded on my knowledge on the subjects but I am still not satisfied with just this knowledge and wish to learn more. Gaining a qualification in the biomedical spectrum would allow me to get a job as a biomedical scientist which is my main goal for the future. I feel like by gaining this qualification and being able to get a job, I will be able to do something that I love everyday while having the opportunity to learn new things every day. Spending my days in a hospital laboratory feels like the right career path suited to me as a person and my interests. My main aim in life would to be to gain this qualification after 4 years of studying hard and be able to work as a biomedical scientist in a hospital lab researching, diagnosing and treating diseases. This is a career option that very much excites and motivates me to be the best in my studies and further education. I am interested in all the subjects under biomedical science including clinical biochemistry, haematology, histopathology, cytopathology, medical microbiology and blood transfusion and would love to be able to have a deep enough understanding of them all so that I may find one that I am most suited to and continue with it in a full time lab environment.

I have taken part in several different work experience opportunities including working at a local primary school gaining people skills and working at a vet practice gaining lab, people and general world of work skills for a working environment. In summer 2015, I organised a work experience placement which I felt would help me gain a further understanding in the career of a biomedical scientist and so over a few month of emailing several people in the field I was able to arrange a week work experience placement in the holiday. This was extremely beneficial as I worked in all different fields and undertook several different jobs within these fields to gain first hand skills and knowledge I would not be able to get from the internet or a classroom.

I was lucky enough to be able to get a work experience opportunity in the biomedical sector at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, where I had the chance to experience each individual segment of biomedical science they had to offer including pathology, microbiology and haematology which I found the most interesting. Alongside myself in the lab were current biomedical students as well as qualified ones. This was important for me as I could ask questions regarding their study and work, get answers and see different opinions on what it is like.

I have gained many qualities from volunteer work, school experiences, extra-curricular and hobbies that I believe are crucial to university life and in the world of work. I have been volunteering as a youth leader in a young choir called ACE. Empowerment of people to believe in themselves through a wide range of activates such as singing, dancing, outdoor activities and performing. Through this group I have developed a wide range of skills such as leadership and teamwork. An example of my skills gained in leadership can be seen when I took control and planned and carried out a performance at a local care home and organised donations for the home.

Teamwork can be regularly seen when working with young children, people the same age as me and older people in order to get a job done. Through ACE choir I have achieved my 500 hour Saltire volunteering award as a sign of my dedication and hard work over the years. I am currently working towards a new award and am at 700+ hours. During summer 2015, I spent 2 weeks volunteering as part of the staff team at the Aberdeen International Youth Festival as a member of the Events Team. During this time, I stayed in university dorms and mingled with many current students. Through this experience, I gained skills such as management, time keeping and team skills which I feel could help me if I were to get a place at university. I have undertaken many roles in my time at secondary school. I have achieved junior, half and full colours for my dedication to clubs over the years such as debating, choir and rock challenge.

In S5 I was given the title of a prefect and was again awarded it in S6. Throughout my time as a prefect I have gained time management, organisation and public speaking skills which I believe are very important not just at university but later in life when perusing a career. In 2014/2015 school year, I worked towards my leadership award. This was a challenging course that involved researching, planning and executing an activity off our own backs. I found this a lot of fun and learned a lot about myself and my skills and qualities through it. I also have the title of a school mentor and assistant librarian within the school. This has helped me with my interpersonal skills. I spend my time assisting people with their queries on different subjects, checking in and out books and promoting the library throughout the school. Being a mentor has really helped me mature as I have to out others feelings and needs before my own. As well as classes and revision classes, I am involved in many activities.

After being let down by my school, I organised for myself and several friends to complete our bronze Duke of Edinburgh award with an open award centre. It was a daunting process but we completed it with smiles on our faces. I then proceeded to silver and the gold with the award centre where I worked with people I had just met and created lifelong friends and memories. Being asthmatic, the expeditions were always a struggle for me but I pushed forward. This is a great example of the fact that if I put my mind towards something I will get it done. After finishing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh, I was invited back to become a Bronze level leader where I will help and encourage those who are involved.

My hobbies include music, science and Japanese culture and language. I am a self-taught ukulele player and love to sign and write music. I have not yet preformed with my ukulele but have plans to do so in the near future. I have performed by myself, as a duo and as part of a choir many times and love the thrill of performing for others and doing what I love. From this I have acquired a lot more confidence when preforming and further developed my time management skills while balancing my hobbies, revision, school work and having time for family and friends.

During my years at school I have always loved science and more importantly biology, because of this I have been enrolled in the OU course entitled Molecules, Medicines and Drugs: A Chemical Story. Through this course I am gaining a SCQF 7 grade (equivalent to an SQA graded advanced higher Scottish baccalaureate) I which I will receive at the end of the course after I sit my exam in February. This course involves standalone study which, alongside group work, is a key element of further education. The fact that this course is related to what I want to study in further education reflects my dedication to the subject as it is a lot of work. For many years I have been interested in Japanese language and culture.

Recently, I decided to take this interest more seriously and have begun to self-study Japanese language. Despite it being a hard subject to learn, I have not given up and continue to push through.

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