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Biomedical science has always interested me in both an educational and personal aspect. My AS studies have become a strong foundation to prepare me for further education. Biology has intrigued me the most as I am interested in genetics and molecular biology and hope to gain more knowledge within these topics. Chemistry has allowed me to enhance my analytical techniques by classifying unknown compounds through infrared spectroscopy, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. Mathematics has enabled me to view problems in a more logical way and improve my investigative skills.

Being a regular blood donor enables me to understand the importance of research. Although blood is primarily used for transfusions, it can also be used to find different ways to store, test and process blood which proves the essential need of biomedical science.

To gain a full understanding of the necessity of research and the ways it is applied to our public care system, I had completed work experience and voluntary work for the past four years.
I had the opportunity to shadow a GP for two weeks. During this time I had observed many of the clinics at Limehouse Practice. I had the chance to see an electrocardiogram of an elder woman which had allowed me to put into perspective of what I had studied in my AS and link it directly to real life situations. It had also allowed me to observe the realistic mechanism of the practical side of medicine.

At the UCL Institute of Child Health, I worked in the department of Genetics and Epigenetics in Health and Disease. I had spent six weeks with a research team, led by Professor ##### who specialised in congenital hyperinsulinism, neonatal and syndromic forms of diabetes and pancreatic development. I was assigned a research project, where I had to see if a particular patient had a mutation in the PCSK2 gene. I learnt to enhance my practical laboratory skills by carrying out experiments such as a polymerase chain reactions, DNA sequencing, and agarose gel electrophoresis. During this time I also had the chance to observe Professor #### in his primary role as a Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Witnessing the fact that relationships between patients and doctors are solely based on trust was inspiring.

One of the most important aspects I have gained through my work experience is having empathy. This was particularly needed when I spent two months working in an elderly care centre. The Wellbeing Centre has taught me the importance of building a safe and secure environment for vulnerable people.

Currently, I am volunteering with Hestia as part of a befriending service to those suffering from mental illnesses or dementia. This service has allowed me to build strong rapports with the patients and fully understand the impact mental illnesses have on our general health. It has inspired me to research more about the direct links between medication and mental illnesses such as Alzheimer or depression. I wish to have a full understanding of how medical research correlates to the improvement of mental or physical illnesses.

Having worked with charity organisations such as Amnesty International and Save the Children International, I developed teamwork and communication skills which are vital for a profession in biomedical science. The biennial charity, Sports Relief, has allowed me to not only maintain my fitness level but to also set healthy competition between participating members.

I have a strong ardour towards reading outside of academic study. I enjoy reviewing books and setting annual reading challenges for myself to accomplish through Goodreads. Young adult literature and fantasy novels are what allow my creativity and imagination to flow. I hope to contribute towards university life by joining societies such as the book club and developing myself further in education.

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I failed my first year of A-levels in the subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics (with Statistics) and Art and Design.
In my retake year; I took Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. I achieved the grades BBC correspondingly.
I am currently predicted the grades AAB for my A2 subjects.

Applied for:

Queen Mary
St. Georges

I've recieved conditional offers from Kings (AAB), Queen Mary (AAB) and Westminister (BBC) so far.


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