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I have always been passionate about Science and wanted to pursue a career in the Diagnostic Science/Medical field and this degree course will help me achieve my goal. I am enthralled with the way the human body works and its ability to repair itself from major traumas and common ailments. The human body is a marvellous creation made of many systems working together as a team to keep us alive and in many situations, these systems need help and diagnosis. I am also greatly interested in the study of anatomy/physiology of the human body and having the ability to help those in need, through diagnosis. I am currently studying an Access to Higher Education Science course and the subjects I am learning, such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics, are preparing me for University. I am also studying GCSE Maths so I can have the best chance of entry onto my chosen degree course. Biology gives the underpinning knowledge required for dissection, disease and the classroom study of how the systems work together. I am aiming for a Distinction in every subject which will total 60 credits including 15 credits of ungraded research. I particularly enjoy studying human anatomy and human physiology and developing knowledge of how diseases can take hold of the body, how traumas affect the body/systems through dissection, and classroom study. A particular study I am passionate about is the study of oncological disease, how it is detected and confirmed through tissue dissection/biopsies and laboratory study. Late diagnosis can be the difference between life and death and if I diagnosed just one patient who was treated early and survived the disease, I would feel immensely rewarded. My career plan is to have a career in Pathology, specifically as a Forensic Pathologist which I am fully aware I would have to complete a medical degree, to carry out autopsies or biopsies of infected tissue. The degree which I have chosen will help me achieve this by including Human Physiology, Histopathology and Haematology and these particular diagnostic sciences are of most interest to me. Between 2005 to 2007, I visited Gunther Von Hagen's exhibition 'Bodyworks' in Manchester where human and mammal bodies have been donated for his study and exhibition; this is when I first decided I wanted to study the human body and its processes by looking at the intricate detail of the human anatomy. Von Hagen also exhibited human anatomy which was diseased and how it compared to healthy tissue, The exhibition enthralled me so much I have been following his work throughout the world via media and research. When I was in full-time education, I undertook work experience working with Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils to help them read and write by using my own techniques, and providing general care and guidance. At the same time, I attended a military taster day and I was one of the best multi-taskers and problem-solvers, resulting in me becoming a prefect. Being a prefect was very rewarding due to working closely with teachers and helping younger pupils make the transition from primary to secondary education. I have also participated in fund-raising for Children in Need. The personal skills needed in a Diagnostic Science/Medical career which I will bring to my degree course include compassion, team-working, excellent communication, and the ability to stay calm during stressful times. The ability to work efficiently and in a timely and accurate manner is essential. Having managed my own business for the past year, I have gained exceptional interpersonal skills which will help me start and ultimately complete the course of my choice. I am very excited to begin my studies which will lead me to achieve the career I have yearned for and will be successful in.

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This personal statement got me offers from all 5 universities I applied to. Please don't copy word for word and write into your own words. I am a mature student.


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