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The realm of the human body and all its processes first interested me during my time in secondary school. I became particularly fascinated in the way in which we prevent and treat diseases using research and experiments. Because of this I would like to continue my study of the compelling world of biomedical science to learn more of how this is achieved.

A-level biology has allowed me to develop my understanding of the world in which we live in; with every plant, bacteria, animal and everything else all contributing to a change on our planet. In my first year of studying biology, in part of module four, 'communicable disease', I enjoyed learning how diseases may soon be treated, where treatment and their medicines are made to be more individual. This is known as 'personalised medicine'. Further study into personal medicine, I found that it as concept is not new, however advances in technology, such as the ability to transcribe an individual's genome, has now allowed treatment of an individual to be specific towards their genes, so their treatment is more effective to them. This new form of treatment has come from biomedical scientists who now work towards researching new ways to increase the chances of survival of patients.

Whilst studying A-level chemistry, I have gained a vast array of practical skills during experiments in class. A skill for example would be the use of volumetric pipettes and knowing their importance of measuring quantities of a substance accurately and reliably with a low degree of error due to human error or inaccurate equipment. This is very important in the field of biomedical science where precise measurements need to be taken to ensure that the degree of error is to a minimum and that the experiment result is of high credibility. Another important aspect of A-level chemistry would be how functional groups are able to completely change how a chemical reacts to the human body. For example, ethanol (C2H5OH) once consumed can interrupt the impulses between synapses, causing the drunkenness behaviour of high alcohol concentration in the blood. On the contrary ethane (C2H6) is a gas with no proven toxicological or behavioural effect on the human body. The only difference between the molecular structure of these molecules is the hydroxide group instead of the original hydrogen on the ethane. This shows that the effect on the functional group on a molecule is very important on how the molecule will affect someone.
Studying A-level business studies has allowed me to develop my personal skills in terms of research. With research, being able to find appropriate data and information for this course is essential to writing up information which is truthful and in date. This is very important with knowing whether information from different websites could be reliable. This also relates to the study of biomedical science where research can be conducted through secondary resources and therefore needs to be trusted.
This year, to further my academic studies in biomedical science, I am completing an EPQ based on the synthesis of paracetamol. Once the paracetamol has been synthesised, I will be purifying it and testing the purity. This EPQ has so far been testing my individual abilities of the study of these drugs and how they are formed. This has allowed me to increase my understanding of how different molecules behave together and find links between my EPQ and study of chemistry which I have not realised before.
To conclude, I believe given the opportunity to study the captivating degree of biomedical science I will one day be part of the scientist community which are making the treatment of patients tailored towards their individual genes. With this the hope of being able to help people survive diseases they wouldn't have a decade earlier; leading to a longer and happier life of those affected.

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