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From my early age I have always dreamt of being a Biomedical Scientist. I have been intrigued by the human biology and how it works; this interest has been enhanced through mu studies of Biology and Chemistry. This allowed me to explore the first stage of human physiology and the development. When studying Health and Social Care at college I could not help in digesting how the stages of human development works from birth to pre-adolescent. I have already had a fist insight of this course while studying at University of Kent in my first year, which gave me a great introduction of biomedical science which involves complex and diverse investigation. This allowed me to have an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology.

During my years of studying I have the practical elements of laboratory work which allows ones understanding of procedures and precaution necessary throughout all work based experiments. Having this in hand I believe that I have the abilities of carrying of experiments effectively in this course.

After studying A-level Use of Maths I feel is have a statistical background which will enable me to interpret numerical data which I believe will help me in any numerical information that occurs on this employment. Now i looked on further by basing myself in Human and Medical Science at the University of Westminster where I have so far studied cell communication, biochemistry, physiology and health science, organ system and pharmacology, and medical genetics. So far i find the course very exciting and always wanting to read more.

I have spent time working at my aunt's surgery every summer holidays. I enjoyed talking and communicating with patients about their illness and observing several procedures such as serving repeated proscriptions. This gave me an insight into human anatomy, the diagnoses of infections and diseases and monitoring the treatments of patients. Watching this health practice was fascinating and I found that I have the passion for helping others and most importantly being able to provide with a valuable perspective of medical life. Sometimes it may look unglamorous and heart wrenching, apart from this it confirms beyond a shadow of doubt this is where my future lies.

Besides learning all the fascinating world of science, I love singing at my church choir every Sundays. I also love reading exciting and motivated novels, as part of my activities I play basketball in my local park twice a week with my friends. I have spent two weeks at St George's hospital exploring the world of medicine and treatments. I'm also the part of the team of St John's ambulance where learnt the about emergency life at first of contact.

This exciting and ground-breaking programme was designed for hospital, commercial or research laboratories in fields such as haematology, clinical chemistry, microbiology, immunology, transfusion and histopathology. This helped me have clear view of the medical world. I have played a role as college ambassador where I had the chance to show my responsible attributes to my college society.

I have taking part in college debates, college prospectus and school discussions where I have built up my confidence. I have also gained a lot of certificate along the way such as Golden Governors Award. These attributes as given me a level headed mind that will be a good candidate. I feel that I'm aware of the emotional and physical challenges that may arise in this industry, yet has made me stronger in this career. I believe by applying my scientific knowledge and curiosity with compassion and empathy can enable me to act as a hard working member of a profession to which I truly aspire.

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