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My passion for science has been prevalent in my life for as long as I can remember. During GCSE I found that I had a keen interest in human biology, especially the complex and intricate way the body functions. My passion continues to grow, and I have found during my study for A-level Biology, I have a passion for new topics such as the immune system and genetics. I want to study a stimulating and challenging course, which would allow me to continue to develop my knowledge on these topics. Biomedical science fits these criteria as it's an ever-changing field in science with new research, discoveries and developments in medicine happening constantly. I know by studying Biomedical science I can gain more lab experience while being able to explore new modules such as Pharmacology and Neuroscience. One of my many goals in life is to contribute to a scientific discovery, and I am confident this will provide me with the transferable skills I need to achieve my goal and become successful in my career in the Biomedical science field.

To gain relevant experience needed for a career in Biomedical science, I took an introduction to Histopathology course. During this course, I looked at the pathological processes of neoplasia where I learnt about cancerous tumours and how they can move away from their original tissue. They do this by invading blood vessels and lymphatic ducts and are then carried to other places in the body in a process called metastasis. This helped me to realise the role a pathologist has in diagnosis and treatment of cancers since they need to find the primary cell type of the tumour in order to start the right course of treatment. To gain more incite into how Biomedical science is put into practice in healthcare positions, I completed an online work experience for healthcare science in the NHS. This showed me the many different roles of healthcare workers. During this experience, I found that I was drawn to the role of a biomedical scientist. This interest was enhanced further when they showed the process a tissue sample goes through for a patient to get a diagnosis. They will be the first people to get to know this diagnosis and then pass it on to a doctor so they can give them treatment. The thought of being able to have an active role in getting a diagnosis for patients that could potentialy save their life inspires me. This motivates me to continue working hard towards my goal of going into research for prevention and cures of diseases such as cancer and Alzheimers. I would espeially like to go into research for Alzheimers as this is something that my grandma suffered with. It's a disease that affects not just the sufferer but also their family as they are no longer able to relive or make new memories with them.

I have participated in many extra curicullar activites related to a career in Biomedical science. One of these was an online medical book club, where we had debates about medical and ethical dilemas brought up in the set reading. This is a passion that I would like to continue at university and either join a bookclub or debate club, if one is not available then I would feel passionate enough to create one. I also took extension classes as part of the HE+ programme where I attended Biology and Chemistry lessons that streched me beyond the A-level curriculum. These activities gave me more advanced knowledge of how topics we learnt in school are applied to the real world and how they will benefit me in a career of Biomedicine.

I am also doing an EPQ on how different material resources can be used in organ transplant, due to my personal intrest in bioartificial organ manufacturing and regenerative medicine. I have enjoyed researching for it so far as I have found scientific papers and documentaries which I would have never though to have looked into. This will help me develop the research and essay writing skills needed for me to work in the scientific field and contribute to scientific writing in the future.

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i used this to apply to intergrated masters biomed courses. i feel like the opening was a bit over done but i got all my offers so i did alright. i did a lot of other stuff that i wasnt able to fit in here so i would say don't go over board with the extracurriculars.


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