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The future is very exciting to look forward to; medicine today is simply not the same as it was twenty or even two years ago. Gleevec, a major discovery, which completely revolutionised the treatment of leukaemia is the first drug to target proteins in cancer cells. Discoveries made by scientists, shape the future, and this is something I'd like to partake in. My strong capability in biology and chemistry, as well as my deep interest and fascination regarding human anatomy, is the driving force behind my wish to study Biomedical Sciences.

My curiosity led me to watch the 'Human Race and Genetics' documentary, about the Human Genome Project. I was particularly interested to see how scientists were able to map out all the genes in the human genome precisely. The successful completion of the project led to advances in research into more tailored treatments with fewer side effects- a way in how findings changed the future of medicine. Still curious about gene anatomy, I read "Genome: The Autobiography of a species in 23 Chapters" by Matt Ridley, a stimulating book which breaks down our 23 chromosomes into 23 chapters. This made me question ideas such as "Do our genes hold our fate?" Genes ultimately define who we are; there is still so much to be learned about them. I would be interested in further exploring our genes for medicinal purposes, as I believe they hold the key in opening a whole new world in medicine.

After learning briefly about the inexorable cell division of cancer cells and the lack of new medicines for cancers, I enrolled myself into Future Learn's "Exploring Cancer Medicine" course. Not only did I broaden my knowledge beyond the A-Level syllabus, but also learned more about radical new approaches to the treatment of cancer, such as developing customised treatment to patients suited to their genetic code. I also learned about the potential use of epigenetics. In which epigenetic modifications are made to the genes diseased cells express, which can return them to normal functioning cells, in contrast to simply killing them.

I am as enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge as well as expanding it. I have authored an article titled "Bye, Bye Bacteria?" which I entered into Oxford's Scientist Writing Competition 2019. It focuses on the rise in antimicrobial resistance and explores the use of phages to treat them. The use of viruses to treat bacterial infections seemed peculiar to me, thus, I read more about them. The use of phages proposes a radical way in which bacterial infections may be treated and it would be fascinating to explore into it more. Being awarded 3rd Place for Hertford Colleges' 'Unsung Heroes of Science' Competition was a great experience. My video focuses on Alice Ball who was responsible for developing the most effective leprosy treatment till the 1940s. I found how she intelligently secluded ester compounds from the fatty acid of the chaulmoogra oil to create an effective injectable medicine for leprosy inspirational.

Deviating away from academia, I play for Cranbrook's Netball 1st team as well as their Senior Tennis Squad. I also lead a discussion in my house titled 'Culture Shock' in which I discuss stigmas in society with sixth formers in my house. Plastic congestion is deemed to be a 'world crisis', especially in megacities like Lagos, where I live. I started a Non-Governmental Organisation titled 'Sweep it Up' in which we educate people on the detrimental effects of plastics as well as taking action upon the streets. I am excited about the possibility of studying Biomedical Sciences; contributing to research that may be used in healthcare to transform the lives of millions and possibly, like Alice Ball be the inspiration for girls that aspire to study science-related degrees.

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