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Looking back to when I was studying GCSE’s I remember fondly my science classes and recall my enthusiasm to participate and absorb the knowledge being taught by my teachers. These classes exposed me to a lot of different and amazing topics, Homeostasis being one of them which held my attention and curiosity completely. This process intrigued me due to the biological reactions that are linked between every organ, tissues and cells of our body which keep us alive. Studying Biomedical Sciences would teach me a vast array of different topics like Anatomy, Cellular Biology and Pharmacology which would give me a further understanding on the functions of life.

Studying Biology at A- level has answered only a few of my queries about the human body and has improved my analytical skills. Studying chemistry at A- level has improved my logical skills as we learned complex chemical reactions like the formation of aspirin from acid anhydrides.

I have completed the EPQ which is on “How does antibacterial resistance happen and can it be replaced by alternatives?” This topic involved researching about the different mechanisms on how antibiotic resistance is spread between bacteria which caused a new strain of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Researching and completing my EPQ improved my organisational skills which I believe is essential for this university course. I have also read several articles like “Hepatitis C- working towards a treatment” by Rebecca Grey which is from the Biological Sciences Review and “World's first malaria vaccine on course for 2015” which is by Andy Coghlan which is from the magazine New Scientist, these articles are very informative and have increase my knowledge of diseases.

At my college I am a Subject Representative for Biology. This involves me planning and organising learner forums which allow us to recommend to teachers how to improve the teaching of Biology. Also as a subject representative I helped introduce new students to the Biology A-Level course.

I have completed my work experience at Royal Brompton Hospital and at a GP’s surgery. These work experiences were in different environments which taught me different skills and knowledge. In the hospital work experience I got to observe a real CT scan of a patient suffering from cystic fibrosis.

Seeing the image of the lungs of a cystic fibrosis sufferer and comparing it to the lungs of a normal person fascinated me and it makes me want to understand how the excess build-up of mucus in the cystic fibrosis sufferer affects the biological reactions in the body. At the GP’s surgery I had got to witness an electrocardiogram of an elderly person which helped me understand the different stages of the heart cycle.

I volunteer at a charity shop every week. This has helped me to contribute to my community. Working at the charity shop has improved my communication skills a lot as I am dealing with many varied customers. I have also raised money for charities for example I helped to raise over £300 for the “Catholic Worker Farm” I did this by advertising around the school by making posters and having a short presentation at tutorial.

I am also part of the College’s Debating Club in which we debate often about current topics. I came in second place in the colleges debating tournament which was held at my college. This has helped to make me a more confident and articulate person.

I was elected unanimously for my College’s Student Council which reflects my leadership skills and I was also part of my College’s girl’s football club; this helped to improve teamwork skills and motivational skills.

Finally In conclusion I believe that if given the opportunity I can flourish into a successful student excelling in every avenue of the topic that I will be chosen to study. I believe studying about the human body and life is a never ending journey because as we evolve so does science and the people who research it.

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