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My determination to study Biomedical Science originates from my role as the primary caregiver to my father following his heart attack, epilepsy and decreased mobility. This has enlightened me to the wide variety of uses a single medicine has. An example of this is aspirin, which I previously believed was solely for pain relief, but has helped to prevent my father from developing blood clots by thinning his blood. His illness has undoubtedly driven my desire to enter the biomedical field.

Originating from a culture which relied on herbal medicines and recipes, I have followed the progress of the pharmaceutical industry in the development and refining of Paclitaxel using the bark of the Pacific yew tree with interest.

The wide-ranging impacts that science makes on society has kindled a sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness within me from an early age; the workings and mechanics of the human body have always fascinated me. The fact that its many diverse systems are now able to be artificially reproduced to prolong life is particularly astounding, an example of which is the Berlin heart which is used to sustain the lives of young patients whilst they are awaiting a heart transplant.

Studying the sciences has pushed me beyond my known boundaries and has taught me to think logically and sequentially when approaching problems. I have always been interested in exploring beyond the textbook and delving deeper, a skill that was an asset throughout my AS Biology course where I went beyond the syllabus to further my knowledge on the various diseases I studied.

An example is the research I conducted into the way in which the alveoli functions at birth. I was fascinated by the way in which the cry that has become synonymous with new life can be explained by the difficulties babies encounter when faced with alveoli filled with fetal lung fluid. Understanding something as familiar as a baby's first breaths through a scientific lens enables me to fully appreciate the impact and relevance of the study of Biomedical Science.

I find the science behind this and other biological systems captivating and this motivates me to continue to broaden my knowledge. Chemistry has also enabled me to understand and visualise how an excess of certain compounds such as carbon dioxide can distort bodily functions and cause hyperventilation and convulsions. My study of Biology and Chemistry combined with English and History makes me a well-rounded student with both scientific aptitude and the ability to interpret data; these qualities will be essential in my study of
Biomedical Science.

Volunteering at a care home for the past eighteen months provided me with an insight into the way in which Biomedical science can be applied to everyday life. I encountered many elderly
people who suffered from a wide range of diseases and ailments, such as Diabetes, Epilepsy, Dementia and Alzheimer's.

I was shown the vast amounts of medication that the patients are given and appreciated the emotional and physical difference it made to them, observing the relief they felt in the following hours. My activities outside of my studies include my work with the Newham Youth Council, where I have held the position of a Youth Councillor for two and half years. This has encouraged me to organise my time in order to balance this role with my school work, whilst providing me with the opportunity to promote political awareness to my Sixth Form peers.

My participation in the Debating Society has developed my confidence when speaking publicly; this, along with my experience in Youth Council meetings articulating opinions, will help me to communicate complex ideas clearly in a university environment.

Studying Biomedical Science will provide me with the opportunity to indulge my scientific curiosities and study a subject that I am truly passionate about.

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