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Ovid said that medicine sometimes snatches away health, sometimes gives it. Over the last century there have been great developments in medicine and science so that many more people benefit from their application. I am always in wonder and admiration when I hear about progressions that have the potential to save, or make easier, somebody’s life. I am fortunate enough to be alive and in a position of learning during such an exciting time for biomedical science, with developments such as the isolation of the hematopoietic stem cell. This discovery means that, in the future, we may be in a position to abolish blood transfusions, or at least decrease them, as well as being able to grow bone marrow for transplants. The majority of the world will be affected one way or another by changes such as these, and the chance to contribute to such fascinating and important developments, as well as the opportunity be a part of such an exciting industry, has fuelled my interest in a biomedical sciences course.

My choice of A level subjects enabled me to study things that fascinate me, and gave me the base knowledge so I could read, and understand, more around areas that I am passionate about. Biology and Sport Science gave me the knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Chemistry gave me the understanding of the reactions and structures that make up the component parts of the body. An example of this is when I read a scientific paper on the effects of lower than normal temperatures on UCP-1 expression in brown adipose tissue. An increase in the expression of the gene that codes for the protein UCP-1 leads to an uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation, causing the energy produced by the chemiosmotic gradient of the H+ to be dissipated as heat rather than used for ATP synthesis. To understand this, and what impact it could have on obesity treatments, I had to draw from my knowledge of; Sport Science to understand more about obesity, metabolism and ATP synthesis, Biology to understand the electron transport chain and gene expression, and Chemistry to understand the redox reactions and chemiosmosis involved.

In my 9 months volunteering at my local hospital’s respiratory ward, I talked to many patients about their treatments and how much of a difference to their lives they had made. I also worked in a residential home helping the elderly with dementia and chronic illnesses. It was obvious that there are still many conditions where further advances could make a major difference to people’s health and well-being. These experiences made me more determined to pursue a career gaining and applying knowledge that could benefit people’s health.

I found the inter- relationship between human physiology and psychology very interesting in Sports Science and wanted to learn more than my Biology had taught me about the brain and so read Mapping The Mind by Rita Carter which I found captivating, I enjoy reading around these areas in publications such as The Best of American Scientific Writing and also New Scientist.

Einstein said ‘I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious’. As he was possibly one of the most influential scientists ever to live this may not be entirely correct, but passion was indeed an integral aspect of his character. On another level I can relate to this drive to learn and understand. I have always been told I am passionately curious and now I am increasingly determined to apply myself in these areas. My dyslexia has been an obstacle to achieving the marks in exams that reflect my level of understanding and ability to communicate it verbally and I continue to make progress in becoming more effective in this area.

Being a well organised person I am able to manage my time so that I can participate in many extracurricular activities and other interests. I played rugby and cricket for the school first team and was awarded colours in both these sports. I was Head of House position at school, where I was in charge organising, leading and supporting 120 children. I organised and lead sports teams and was also a link between the children and the teachers, and organised trips and off site activities without any help from teachers. This enabled me to develop my skills in dealing with younger pupils, teachers and adults as well as increasing my ability to work independently and without guidance. I believe I was successful in this role, as I was awarded the ‘Contribution to 6th form life’ award. I was also the first pupil ever to set up a house competition without help from teachers.
This position has given me the necessary skills to work in my current occupation, as a health care assistant in a respite home for disabled children.

I believe that energy and enthusiasm together with skill and organisation will help me develop my further learning and career in the field of biomedical science.

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I 'm writing my ps too.Whats

I 'm writing my ps too.Whats universities are you applying?

Very good statment. Which

Very good statment. Which universities are you planning to apply to?

I don't think you should post

I don't think you should post this online, even if it's not your final draft. People will copy this. I would get it deleted if i were you.


Looking forward to reading more. Great post.Much thanks again. Great.

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