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How can one precisely describe the feeling of excitement? It is rather abstract, yet undoubtedly genuine. I, in process of self-discovery, am able to experience its spark when determining self-purpose.

I’ve found such purpose by observing the dynamics of the body. By comprehending its nature, which I find to be dual or what I like to describe as “chaotically organized”, I’ve recognized such duality within myself, and used the match as a tool to attain proper understanding of pathology. The yet-to-be-unleashed complex beauty of genetics, awoke within me the will to investigate: my eyes have laid on Biomedical Science, focus of which I reckon to be tightly bound to my passion. Molecular processes involved in the organism, determination of which I regard as a form of introspection, are, in my opinion, ought to be understood by means of persistent curiosity. Such philosophy is core to my election: by attempting to understand myself, I offer my curiosity to prevent, attenuate, solve and give hope; being that the solid purpose of my life.

I debuted such purpose by introducing myself to the dynamicity of epigenetics. Its freshness and reversibility encouraged me to kick-off “Awake Gene, Asleep Gene”, a two-year project engaged in determining DNA methylation’s involvement in ethanol in utero exposure, attempting to induce an alcohol exposed pregnancy in C57JBL/6J mice in order to subsequently engage the litter in a self-designed cognitive therapy.

Further understanding of epigenetic dynamics has alternatively enriched my ambition of acceding to the medical grounding Biomedicine can furnish me, since the reversibility of epigenetic marks has provided me with the ambition to encourage a more personalized medical treatment, intention which sprang after self-organizing a presentation that my school is now presenting to several contests, focused on cortex’s methylome and its involvement in Alzheimer’s disease. I am thus planning on gathering funds in order to develop and promote a personalized neuroplasticity programme focused on preventing early dementia manifestation.

Apart from my individual challenges, I’ve additionally took my time to approach the biomedical community in Barcelona, attempting to engage in any type of team work and familiarise with laboratory entourage. I frequently visit the IMPPC, talk to PhD students and introduce myself to the CRISPR-Cas9 system by assisting Rhabdomyosarcoma research, thus discovering the satisfaction that lays within child cancer investigation. As a particular highlight, I’d also like to mention my attendance to a bioinformatics lectures at the Autonomous University of Barcelona throughout last summer and my life-time engagement in family business, an apartment complex where I immerse myself into promoting accessible tourism for wheelchair users in the Canary Islands.

The rich background which I come from has provided me with the gift of having travelled and understanding 6 languages. The art of mixing Spanish, Russian, Catalan, English, French and Korean in my daily life is a powerful tool that has converted me into the versatile, multicultural, open-minded girl I am. I hold a wide record of national awards in language but I’m much more proud of the simple poetry prizes I’ve won at school. Multiple times class representative, I’m also a football and piano-loving girl who is passionate about reinforcing girl power, as I did at 11 by gathering a girl football team. I seek to invest my love for life in investigation, and I’m looking forward to begin.

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