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The limitless potential of the life sciences and the opportunity for world-changing breakthroughs are both exciting and compelling to me. Upon hearing about a disease for the first time, I am eager to find out more about the precise ways in which it affects the body, which has led me to spend much time researching the details of various diseases. My desire to understand life on a deeper, biological level and to be involved in the analysis and diagnosis of disease first inspired me to pursue a career in medical science. The prospect of obtaining a diverse role in the medical field that holds a strong link to human biology makes it a natural path for me to take.

I am currently enjoying participating in a six week biomedicine course at the Newcastle Centre for Life. It has given me a clearer insight into the numerous disciplines within biomedical science and taught me about the involvement of various processes, such as microscopy and the handling of small patient specimens. This has given me a sense of the importance of attention to detail, a quality that I feel I naturally possess. The course has also involved practical aspects; an ultrasound machine was used to directly observe blood vessels within the neck of a participant, providing an applied example of the complexity of human anatomy.
Reading has additionally played a large part in advancing my interest in biomedicine and I developed a particular interest in neuroscience upon reading 'The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat' by Oliver Sacks. This book opened my eyes to the progressive nature of neuroscience and the intriguing occurrences of such unique cases within the field of neurology.

At A-Level, my subject choices are varied, indicating my well-rounded capabilities, but Biology has without a doubt provided me with the most enjoyment. The first AS unit entitled 'Biology and Disease' seized my interest immediately and I most recently completed Unit 5, my favourite topics being muscle contraction and the nervous system, anatomical topics with undoubted links to biomedicine. Another chapter in Unit 5 was devoted to DNA technology, highlighting the technological advances in the medical field and holding particular relevance to my course choice due to the large amount of laboratory work that is based on the use of highly technical equipment. English Literature A-Level, although not science-related, has enabled me to write concisely and coherently. It has also largely developed my ability to be analytical and to successfully debate varying opinions and ideas. Psychology not only complements my other subject choices by being both scientific and essay-based, but it has provided me with abundant knowledge of research methodology, a particularly beneficial skill in science related sectors.

Aside from my academic studies, last year I was a member of the Sixth Form Student Council, which involved organising charity events within the school as well as running the Leavers' Ball and Yearbook, tasks which demonstrate reliability and heightened my independence and organisational skills. My resilience was tested while completing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition, as this was the section of the award that was the furthest from my comfort zone. Through completing it I have become more self-sufficient and developed my communication skills by working in a team, as well as proving that with determination and ambition, I can rise to formerly daunting challenges.
I am also an NHS Mealtime Volunteer, working largely with elderly patients, many of whom suffer from dementia. Although not directly linked to biomedical science, this has heightened my interest in conditions that affect the brain, whilst demonstrating my ability to balance additional responsibilities with A-Level work. Seeing the debilitating effects of such a disease has ultimately confirmed my wish to play an essential role in the processes that lead to the cure or treatment of disease.

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This personal statement was written by Whetters for application in 2014.

Whetters's university choices
University of Bristol
The University of Nottingham
The University of Manchester
University of Leeds
Nottingham Trent University

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Red: no offer made

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I applied to Biomedical Science at three universities and Neuroscience at two.

University of Manchester - Biomedical Science - interviewed then offer received of AAB
University of Leeds - Medical Science - offer received of AAA
Bristol University - Neuroscience - offer received of AAB
University of Nottingham - Neuroscience - offer received of AAB
Nottingham Trent - Biomedical Science - offer received of 300 UCAS points

I am doing a third year of sixth form and my predicted grades for the end of this year are AAB.


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