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The human body is a miraculous creation; it is a complex organism made of many diverse systems each working to maintain the life that we too often take for granted. Furthermore everyday life relies solely upon the biomedical sciences; it is an area of expertise that is constantly advancing out of necessity and as a result has shaped the lives of countless individuals. It is no exaggeration to say that the life expectancy and longevity of humans now far exceeds even the wildest dreams of those living even in our most recent history. Therefore the desire to contribute to such a specialty has long since fuelled my urge to study a biomedical science course at a higher level.

Acting on this desire to further understand my subject of choice, I was fortunate enough to land a work experience placement at my local hospital shadowing a vascular consultant. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to deepen my understanding of the subject and what it entailed.

I was astounded by the consultant's ability to diagnose the patients' illnesses with a high degree of accuracy simply by examining the patient's physical body. The surreal atmosphere of the problems faced by the patients, the challenges that tasked the consultant and also the heavy emotional impact I obtained from observing the surgeries and consultations, has all helped to strengthen my empathetic sensibility towards the career and solidify a desire to study biomedicine at University.

My fascination for Biology and the sciences are clearly shown by my A-level choices, where an understanding of self-motivation and a desire to succeed is highlighted. Biology and Chemistry have helped provide an insight to the analytical aspect of learning as well as to consolidate a deeper knowledge of the subject, while both Maths and Computing have led to the development of my problem solving skills and the ability to focus on a single point of error in order to fix a problem. My dedication to the subject is not limited to the classroom environment; I have read various articles on topics such as antibiotic resistance and genetics to further expand upon my passion for the subject and develop a higher level of understanding on current issues within the discipline.

At 6th Form I am an active member of the student council, often lending my time to help and assist in the various events scheduled by the school's staff and other members of the council.

Recently, I have also been asked to help the Year 12s that appear to be struggling in AS Maths. Tutoring the students has allowed me to obtain key interpersonal communication ability and valuable leadership skills. In addition being able to balance council work, prefect duty and my studies as well as hobbies has hopefully proved to show my adept ability in time keeping and a determination to not only do well in school but also to help others and inspire them to reach out to others in the same way.

I often play chess and this not only allows me to develop vital critical thinking under a logical setting but also build key communicative skills that are a must when considering a career in any scientific profession. The time constraint that is applied when playing at a competitive level has helped to build upon an ability to quickly adapt to any given situation in an effective manner. It is also a hobby of mine to sketch and while this is primarily a form of stress relief, I believe it also contributes to my innovative thinking which I find is an invaluable asset when ordinary methods do not appear to be applicable.

In conclusion it is my belief that science is a fragile balance between the facts developed from what we know and the hypotheses that form from what we have yet to discover, and that it's the duty of a biomedical specialist to work on this balance and turn the favour towards the facts. The ability to combine Biology based sciences to a medical field does nothing but give me another reason to pursue a career in this well-regarded profession.

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