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As human beings we rely on intelligence and limitless curiosity to sustain our existence in such a complex society. Yet this existence is fragile, threatened by disease and the ticking time bomb of age, amongst other things, and yet seemingly held together by the principles and applications of biomedical science. The ability to apply laboratory based science with a medical grounding to the public healthcare setting and the ever-changing, versatile nature of the profession is what enriches my ambition most. Science is a delicate balance between what we know and what we have yet to discover and, being born in an age when technological advancement has flourished, I believe that there is no better time to exploit my passion for biology.

My A level studies confirmed my desire to study biomedical science and gave me the opportunity to develop new interests within the field. Chemistry and biology not only provided the foundation for further scientific study, but also a challenge to delve deeper into many topics that have captivated and intrigued me. One topic which was of particular interest to me was genetics and DNA-based technologies. The sheer fact that this single molecule contains the billions of intricacies essential to life pushed me to research it further; in particular, looking at how the shortening of telomeres play a major role in ageing and how the development of telomerase-based drugs could be an exciting new step towards treating cancer.

Organising several months of work experience and voluntary work over the past two years has provided me with a solid understanding of medical research and its application within healthcare in my local community. Shadowing a GP regularly allowed me to observe the front line of the NHS - the vital service they provide but also many examples of over-reliance on and abuse of the primary care system. At ******** Hospital, I spent time within medical laboratories in the pathology, nuclear diagnostics and pharmacy departments which gave me a fascinating insight into the multi-disciplinary system which modern healthcare is so dependent upon and which ensures the highest possible standard of patient care. Shadowing a number of consultants within nephrology, urology, oncology and palliative care has recently led me to take part in the exciting MedTech innovation fellow programme at the Anglia Ruskin Medical Institute by invitation of Prof **** *****, looking at developing pioneering medical equipment with government funding. I have also come to appreciate the less glamourous side of healthcare, spending a year as a voluntary assistant at a residential care home. Here, I built strong relationships with elderly dementia sufferers and became a prominent member of staff, whilst learning to preserve the health and dignity of residents through various medical and practical procedures.

Assisting charitable causes is a passion of mine and raising £700 for Leukaemia Research by means of a self-organised half marathon was a particular highlight. Helping to prepare several productions and charity events at school has earned me a number of commendations and given me the opportunity to strengthen my teamwork and communication skills, essential for any profession with a biomedical basis. As a grade 6 pianist, a prominent member of a performing arts academy and a keen badminton player at club level, I enjoy enriching many aspects of life outside of academic study. I believe I have the necessary skills and qualities for a fruitful life at university. A degree is for me, the perfect opportunity to cultivate my natural interest and ability in science and to provide me with the academic rigour for an exciting career in biomedicine.

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This personal statement was written by owsm for application in 2013.

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King's College London
Royal Holloway
University of Southampton
St George's Hospital Medical School
The University of Kent

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Kings College London (Firm, AAB)
Royal Holloway (Ins, ABB)
Southampton (Offer)
St George's (Offer)
Kent (Offer)


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This personal statement is really good. Thanks for putting it up. What grades did you get for AS & A2? I want want to apply for biomedical science, partically at St George's.

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