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Venturing into the unknown and never-ending world of science and medicine has been a passion and desire of mine for the majority of my life. I am captivated by how a simple idea can be transformed into a reality that can pave the way for new cures and more advanced anatomical understanding.

I have been inspired by scientific and medical advances since the beginning of civilisation and am in awe of how these advances have positively contributed to humanity. The continued success of our existence relies on such advances, as the world around us is constantly changing. Exploring these changes and working towards helping humanity adapt to them is what has drawn me to a Biomedical Science course.

To grasp a practical understanding of what practising Biomedicine involves, I attended a day trip to the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. During this trip, I spoke to several biomedical scientists who are researching ways of manipulating protein synthesis to help fight various types of cancer. After several in depth conversations, I was able to recognise the possibilities of these potential discoveries and how they can benefit both healthy and suffering individuals.

This is emphasised as I am also half way through a 16 week volunteering programme at Addenbrooke's Hospital, which allows me to see first hand how these discoveries are applied in a clinical setting. This has become clear as I regularly observe drug rounds where medical discoveries such as painkillers and antibiotics are actively used to improve a patient's life.

I also engage in conversations with patient's and listen to how they appreciate the work scientists and doctors do on a daily basis. Hearing this appreciation directly from a patient is both stimulating and fulfilling and makes me determined to combine my love for helping people and science together through Biomedicine.

My choice of A Level subjects has helped to develop my creativity, logical thinking and time management skills. Chemistry and Biology provide an analytic aspect to learning as interpreting and evaluating data is common practice. Psychology helps to develop creativity as finding explanations to psychological phenomena often requires thinking beyond the obvious answer.

The challenging content of these courses, such as Organic Chemistry and Immunology, has helped to lay a strong foundation for studying Biomedicine. Excelling in these subjects whilst volunteering and working demonstrates my ability to juggle multiple tasks and manage my time pro-actively.

At college, I am a peer mentor where I guide and support Year 1 students in Chemistry and Biology. As well as improving my social and leadership skills, this has helped me to mature as an individual and value the importance of inspiring others. Additionally, throughout my school life, I was nominated by other students to be head boy, form representative and sports captain. These roles involved attending staff meetings and speaking for other students to help improve our school life.

The dedication I have displayed during my school life and my experience in working with other people will be invaluable throughout my life, where working as a team will be essential. As a hobby, I thoroughly enjoy music. I have taught myself to play piano by ear through trial and error and can now play grade 7 and 8 pieces without reading music.

My empathic personality and curiosity is well complimented by my natural love for science and discovery. Being able to apply my interests in a clinical setting, which I know is going to change people's lives, is what fuels my motivation for taking up a well regarded and important career such as Biomedicine.

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This personal statement was written by BioMedMan for application in 2014.

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Queen Mary, University of London
University of Plymouth
The University of Durham
St George's Hospital Medical School
University of Brighton

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This is my personal statement that I have already submitted to UCAS. I have applied for Queen Mary University of London, St George's University of London, Durham University, Plymouth Univeristy and Brighton University. I received offers for Queen Mary's and Plymouth within a week for AAB and ABB.

Feel free to use this as help. However, WRITE IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS AND DO NOT COPY IT. UCAS will know if you have copied this statement as they have already processed this one.

Thank you.

PS - All these universities offer accredited courses.


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