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My appreciation for the way in which medicines have aided psychological and mental illnesses in our society today was one of the reasons why I chose to do Sciences at A-level. I have encountered many experiences in my life, which have truly tested my development as a teenager.

I have family who rely on medicinal drugs in order to stay alive and so it has made me determined to go on to University to study further and hopefully help others.

I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Health and Social Care. I feel that the subjects I am studying will contribute to my success in a course in Science.

The practical side of Chemistry is what I enjoy the most; carrying out experiments have made me a more accurate and efficient student. I enjoy analysing and solving chemistry based problems as it has broadened my scientific knowledge.

I understand skills in Maths are required in any scientific course and I feel that I have gained some mathematical understanding from my AS course, which will prove valuable later.

Studying Biology has given me an insight as to how the human body has been designed and it has therefore deepened my curiosity as to how it functions. Health and Social Care has raised my awareness of the thousands of people who are less fortunate then me.

It has encouraged my personal development and prepared me with a high level of sympathy and consideration for others.

In the past year I have spent a numerous amount of time at Vista Society for the Blind. I feel that I should contribute to those who are more vulnerable in our community.

I enjoy socialising with the blind and partially blind as it has helped me demonstrate my interpersonal and communication skills, aspects that are essential in everyday life. I have also been working at my local Pharmacy. I have shadowed the Pharmacist, observed all the medicine making and have taken part in the day-to-day running of a Pharmacy.

Another experience which I find valuable and very close to my heart, is growing up with an aunty who suffers from the disease,Multiple Sclerosis. I have lived with her condition from a very small age and so I have catered to her needs and helped her to remain socially intact with others. I feel I have played an important part in her life, emotionally and physically.

Outside of college I take part in a number of ongoing sports activities such as swimming, badminton and pilates. My hobbies are baking, reading and painting as all three give me time to myself.

My favourite book is "Dark Eyed Girls" by Judith Lennox. I have signed up as a charity representative therefore I have taken up a responsibility which allows me to partake in a range of group discussions, whereby decisions and distributions have to be made to charity.

Studying a course in Science appeals to me because of its challenging nature;when I am up against a challenge I will do all that is within my power to succeed.

I appreciate how competitive it is to gain a place in a University to study this particular course however I truly believe that once I start it I will put my heart into it and give 100% in order to succeed.

The combination of my passion for science and my determination to assist others will hopefully appeal to you and put me forward as a suitable candidate.

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