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My fascination with biology, especially the human body, has started developing a few years ago and I should be grateful to my high school biology teacher for it. Since then I have known that I was going to do a degree related to biological sciences. While researching various courses the universities offer, I came across biomedical sciences and the introduction has caught my attention as it suited my interests perfectly. For the last three years the human physiology and the mechanisms of action have been my field of interest and that is why I have such a keen interest in studying a biomedical science course.

Undeniably, biology has been my favorite subject in high school. Since ninth grade I would linger after class in order to gain a deeper understanding on a current topic and then inspired by the discussion with the teacher I would often conduct a further research at home. In Year 10 the students in Lithuania are given a chance to set their academic priorities by choosing extended levels. Showing great interest in biology and chemistry those were my obvious choices along with mathematics, English and Lithuanian literature which were mandatory. I strongly believe that biology and chemistry classes are responsible for developing my analytical skills that helped me during lessons by allowing me to quickly process new information and discuss new arising ideas or questions with the teachers on the spot. Mathematics has sharpened my logical thinking that I have managed to apply in finding a link between biological principles and medical conditions. I have never had any trouble with my English classes; being proficient in the language I admittedly enjoyed participating in classroom discussions about politics, social and global issues, which have taught me to constructively comment on the proposed ideas and respect the broadest viewpoints; hence, the classes have helped me become an open-minded communicator.

My engagement in the biomedical sciences can be supported by my extracurricular reading that I have been doing for the last couple of years. I am particularly interested in cancer biology, tissue engineering, especially decellularization and lab-grown organs, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs' effect on the brain as well as the prospects of stem cell therapy. I use various online medical databases, scientific reports and clinical trials for broadening my knowledge. That is how I get familiarized with necessary biological terminology and get a better understanding about the processes inside the human body.

My outside of school activities are intellectually stimulating as well as contributing to my social awareness. A year ago I have attended an international conference of natural and life sciences The COINS where I have participated in lectures on various biology and chemistry related subjects, in addition, I have gone to multiple lectures at the faculty of medicine at Vilnius University. Over the summer I have arranged two work shadowing placements for myself - one of which was at a dental implantology practice and another one was at a stem cell research laboratory. I observed doctors perform surgeries; scientists do experiments and also took advantages to clarify some questions I had. The first thing I have done as an 18-year-old was donate blood; I have also signed up to become an organ and tissue donor after death. I have organized several classroom discussions on social issues that support my ability to communicate and reflect on my social consciousness.

My current interests lie in the broad spectrum of modules taught in the biomedical science degree; I believe that the skills I have acquired through subjects taught at school and my extra curriculum activities make me a well-suited candidate for the course your university offers.

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I am an international student, got offers from Kings College London, University of Manchester, University of Sheffield and University of Bristol. Got denied from University of Edinburgh. Accepted University of Manchester as my firm choice and University of Sheffield as my insurance.


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