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The human body is an incredibly interesting environment to study. The bones, veins, organs and the systems within it are a breathtaking design and when examined in further detail the facts that are uncovered are even more fascinating.

Working in a laboratory investigating the tiny structures that are the cells is an exhilarating prospect for me and in my hopes to pursue this career in biomedicine/biochemistry; I am passionate to help contribute towards a better future for patients.

Returning to education has been thus far, an excellent experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying human biology, physics and chemistry. During my time at college I was invited to the cellular pathology laboratory at a local hospital to gain insight to the inner workings of the lab itself and the role biomedicine plays in healthcare.

I gained access to the histology lab where I looked at samples of various tissues, which had been infected with different diseases - learning that it is caused by mutations of the DNA, where signals between cells are lost and thus cannot communicate resulting in the development of tumours.

This experience has compounded my enthusiasm for the subject and I can see myself in this type of work in the coming years. Moreover, histopathology is the path I wish to go down further on in my career, investigating the diseases and viruses truly fascinates me.

The Access Science diploma I am studying at college will give me deeper insight into further education and will equip me with the skills necessary to begin a degree in Biomedical Science. The skills I would gain from a degree would be key in me securing my future working within the NHS. Also I would be the first member of my immediate family to attend university and obtain a higher education qualification, this is a motivating factor.

My current career is an NDT contractor (Non-Destructive Testing), which is basically a set of analytical methods used to determine the location of anomalies in defected areas at a granular level in metallic components. I work in a multi-disciplinary team environment, which is analogous to biomedicine in the NHS as it takes a team of medical staff from different backgrounds to diagnose and help patients.

Just like any job in medicine, it is a very responsible and important job as it can enable us to spot defects in structures early on and prevent potential major accidents. This is not too dissimilar to disease pathology in biomedicine. Where one would analyze a cell sample and determine it’s structure and type, contributing to the diagnoses whereby catching it early may save lives.

I am passionate about science and all it encompasses. I regularly read online journals, articles and have subscribed to various websites to keep up to date with the latest research. I recently read that researchers have discovered that inhibiting a key enzyme pathway can reduce the inflammation of human cells in culture dishes and reduce frailty in aged mice.

It is research such as this which astounds me and only keeps me asking more questions about the future of medicine, to which I am very excited about. Also I have a particular interest in disease development and why the environment is more deterministic when considering causes. I read a book on the evolution of disease and why it developed in the human DNA.

A chapter in it argues that juvenile type 1 diabetes may be ancestral, going back to 12,000 years ago when climatic temperatures dropped below freezing over a few decades and there was an ice age overnight. This astounds me and it only sparked my enthusiasm to study this subject further.

As well as keeping up to date with science literature I also enjoy spending time with my family, hiking and camping and generally being outdoors. I am an avid gym goer and train with kettlebells on an almost daily basis, because I believe there are huge benefits gained from spiking hormone levels due to heavy training, and can add to a longer and healthier life.

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