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The human body is one of the most complex structures in the known universe. This statement does not take a neurosurgeon or a General Practitioner to answer. As I began adolescent, I realised how remarkable a machine we actually are.

This sparked off many questions in which I found all of the answers from science. I have always been a compassionate person, wanting to help others where possible.

Signs of this was evident during my early high school years, where I was part of the bullying campaign, with aims to expel bullying from our school all together.

I have volunteered my time in many projects over the years to help people and with my obvious love of science, this has drawn me to one area in which I would love to advance my career... Medicine.

Due to my sporting background, I have had much previous work experience as a Physical Education teacher and as a rugby coach. I have worked closely with Mark Roberts, a Rugby Development officer in order to help children develop physically as an athlete and mentally as a person.

During my time in coaching, I have been able to help these children overcome a variety of injuries and see that they get back on their feet and playing rugby again.

This experience was fulfilling, but diverted away from science, which is why I decided to take a sports science degree in Glamorgan University.

My time at university allowed me to appreciate the many chemical reactions in the body during high intensity exercise.

Working in a laboratory allowed me to witness these reactions, where I was able to to analyse my data using a P test on Microsoft excel. I feel that my time at university has helped me grow and mature and has given me a great stepping stone into the field of medicine.

Since being in Australia, I have moved from the Biological side of medicine to the Pharmaceutical aspects.

I now work 25 hours a week in a Pharmacy in Perth, working closely with our patients, Doctors and Pharmacist. I get to deal with all kinds of patients, from people who have Parkinsons disease to suggesting pseudo ephedrine based cold and flu medication to help people deal with a viral infection.

Working in a pharmacy has helped me gain great product knowledge which I believe will be greatly beneficial to me as I look into doing a medicine degree.

On my return to wrexham, I am attending work experience in the Orthopaedic department at NAME_Hospital, which is the area of my main interest.

After consulting with NAME(Recruitment Officer), he has come to an agreement with me that I will be working along side Mr NAME their Orthopaedic & Sports Injury Surgeon, who specializes in shoulder injuries such as posterior dislocation of the AC Joint.

I will also have an opportunity to work along side Mr NAME whose subspecialty is Shoulders, Wrists, Hands, Elbows and Peripheral Nerve Surgery. I will also be able to stand in and observe the procedures that take place in the theatres providing the patients sign a consent form. I hope to gain a lot of knowledge and clarity from my work experience in NAME.

Being a doctor is one of the most time consuming, dedicating and challenging jobs there is and I along with any prospective student will have full knowledge of this, but I also realise that it can be the most rewarding feeling in the world when you are able to heal someone so they are able to pursue their life's goal.

I believe that my traits give me great potential for becoming a doctor, as I am a well motivated individual with a personal love for science, I also have great communication skills which have been very useful on my year out in Australia and my ever inclining grades show my great determination to succeed in my ultimate goal.

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This personal statement was written by jttomlinson1 for application in 2007.

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I found this website very useful when completing my ps. unfortunatelty i had to cut mine down a bit as it was too long, but hopefully it is good enough. feel free to comment (good or bad remarks will be welcome). i have replaced the name of the doctors and hospitals with 'NAME' due to confidentiality reasons. thanks, Jase


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A good statement but i found

A good statement but i found it lacking some some areas. Although showing passion and conviction for medicine, you however did not show what was learned from your work experience to a great extent.

I think you should have included more on your hobbies but I think there was little space for that and you made it for that in some areas, one can only say so much.

I would say a good overall statement but not a 5 star rating. Hope you do well and goodluck.

Was it really necessary to

Was it really necessary to name all the doctors, it could have been sumed up in one sentance leaving you valueable space to include more content.

I think that this is an

I think that this is an outstanding, and inspiring statement, and I wish you the best of luck in your future career as a doctor.

grammer error

as you began Adolescence not adolescent , its past tense

grammer error error

adolescent is wrong because it is the wrong noun. nothing to do with tenses. an adolescent is someone who is going through adolescence.

Have you done the BMAT and

Have you done the BMAT and UKCAT?
How was it?

How do you register for BMAT?

as you began Adolescence not

as you began Adolescence not adolescent , its past tense

hahaha i adolescenced a lot when i was a teenager!



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